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Call for Participation in

The 20th European Humanities University International Student Conference

5-6 May 2018

Vilnius, Lithuania


The European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania) invites students of Bachelors' and Masters' programmes to participate in the 20th EHU International Student Conference to be held in Vilnius on 5-6th May 2018.

An academic community oriented to the production of socially relevant critical knowledge, interdisciplinary cooperation, experimentation with forms of research work and a broad expertise in the processes underway in Eastern Europe proposes to together seek answers to the following questions:


● De-centralising the University: Who Today Participates in the Battle for the Right to Produce Knowledge?


Thematic Focuses: Who today has the right to produce knowledge? How is pressure on the university changing practices of academic work? How are new technologies influencing education and research? What new forms and communities of knowledge are we witnessing emerging? How are institutions of expertise constructed? Who is able to form new communities of knowledge? Does academic solidarity exist, and what is its fate in the contemporary world?

● Re-imagining Central and Eastern Europe: What are the Effects of Political and Legal Transformations?

Thematic Focuses: public policy, civil society and practices of solidarity, the migration crisis and human rights, economic security and problems of European integration, the 100th anniversary of the declaration of the Belarusian National Republic and “new nationalisms”, gender and politics.

● Framing Becomings: How to Develop Languages Through Which to Explain Contemporary Cultural Processes and Anthropological Shifts?

Thematic Focuses: memory politics and the triggering/actualisation of heritage, the “emotional turn” in the humanities, socio-humanities’ problems of science and technology developments.

● Designing Change: How Critical Theory Can Be Applied in the Development of Experimental Forms of Social Partnership?

Thematic Focuses: participative approaches to the research and development of projects in design, architecture, urbanism, gender and media studies, practice-led research and their impact on the production of new knowledge, experimental approaches to designing applied research projects, nuclear technologies and new ecological theories.

● Digitalising Contemporaneity: How to Respond to the Epistemological and Pragmatic Challenges of Computer-mediated Reality?

Thematic Focuses: the diffusion of knowledge and digital economies, new forms of participation and the digital turn in the humanities and social sciences, the digitalisation of the everyday and informational labour, communication and identity in the digital milieu, computer games and new forms of art, curating data and crowdsourcing.


Panels Will Be Formed on the Basis of the Applications Received


Within the frame of the conference programme will be held workshops, open interactive lectures, round tables, and presentations of books and student research, cultural projects, etc.


Working Languages: Russian, Belarusian, English.



Procedure and Deadlines for Applications:

Applications will be accepted from students of Bachelors’ and Masters’ programmes (or their equivalent). Participation in the conference will be decided on the basis of a competitive selection process. Online applications should explain the main theses of the presentation (max. 500 words). Priority will be given to papers that present the results of empirical research.

The deadline for applications is – 8th March 2018. Applicants will be informed of the results of the selection process by 17th March 2018.


Participation in the conference is free of charge. Participants will be expected to come to Vilnius and make their presentations in person.


Conference Location: the Main Campus of the European Humanities University



Visa Support

Students who need visa support should provide their passport details in their application



Travel costs

Participants must cover their own travel costs. EHU does not have the possibility to provide travel grants for participants.



For the duration of the conference all participants are provided with accommodation in low-cost hotels or hostels (free of charge for the 2 nights – 4-6 May). The university does not cover the costs of accommodation outside these dates.



Coffee breaks will be organised during the conference panels. Participants must cover other food associated costs themselves. There will be no daily allowance provided.



The summaries of papers submitted as applications will not be published. After the conference, an online-publication of articles by conference participants is planned. The procedure for being included in the publication is as follows:

● You make a presentation at the conference;

● The chair of the panel recommends your paper for publication (only the best papers will be recommended);

● You rework and submit your paper to the panel chair by the stipulated deadline;

● The chair of the panel accepts or refuses your paper, or makes recommendations and propositions for its improvement;

● The publication undergoes final editing.



Contact address: studentconference@ehu.lt. Follow updates on our sites on social media: VK, FB, аnd also on the official conference website.