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2023 Conference of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

December 13-15, 2023



The Club of Sofia was inaugurated in 1998 when the first FEBA international conference was held. It aimed at promoting the concepts of sustainable development. Throughout the last 25 years FEBA inspired economists, managers, and entrepreneurs to become purposeful leaders of business and communities in Bulgaria and abroad. FEBA established itself as a center of excellence in domains as ESG and sustainability studies, macroeconomic modeling, digitalization and innovation, artificial intelligence, fintech and lately – gamification.


The FEBA annual conference provides a framework for complex dialogues such as triple Helix dialogue (industry-academia-policy makers) and citizens – scholars dialogues. It is a place to share values, knowledge and skills and plan new research experiments and have impactful discussions, a venue where work-in-progress is enriched and fine-tuned, rather than solely presented as a ready-made artefact.


We blend three themes in this year’s conference – sustainability, social economy, and digital transformation. We look for contributions from academia, industry – established and start-up world, policy makers and citizens (civil society activists). We aim at producing new insights how we could transform the old business and organization models with the help of technological change for accelerated but still sustainable economic recovery.


25 years after its establishment we re-star the Club of Sofia as a major playmaker in the climate change domain and as a platform to bring Bulgarian multidisciplinary researchers from around the world to contribute to ESG policy, industry and academic impact.


The topics of the conference may cover (but are not constrained to):


  • Macroeconomic modeling for sustainability
  • ESG
  • Bulgaria’s entry to the euro area: Implications and consequences
  • Effects of crises (Brexit, COVID-19, War in Ukraine, etc.) on firms
  • AI and Digital transformation in business and governments
  • Financial contagion and systemic risk
  • Social economy, cooperatives, and volunteers
  • Innovation and Industry 4.0
  • Gamification in business
  • Shadow economy and taxation
  • Digital marketing and SEO
  • Behavioral economics, behavioral studies and corporate culture
  • Experimental economics
  • Others


Please, submit a short abstract (1/2 pages) of your proposed paper by September 25, 2023 to d.radev@feb.uni-sofia.bg and conference@feb.uni-sofia.bg. You will receive acceptance/rejection notification by September 30, 2023. Extended abstracts are expected by November 30, 2023. Early submissions are encouraged. If you would like to organize a conference track or a session within a track, submit a proposal with potential speakers and topics by September 25, 2023. Participants may be asked to serve as discussants to other papers in the session.


The conference organizers will arrange special issues in selected journals around the conference themes, so that the conference papers could be published after the normal double-blind review.


Important Deadlines:


  • September 25, 2023 – Submission of short abstracts and (optionally) suggestion of conference tracks
  • September 30, 2023 – Decision by the organizing committee
  • November 30, 2023 – Submission of extended abstracts or drafts of papers
  • December 10, 2023 – Publication of final conference program


Contact person for additional inquiries:


Todor Yalamov, PhD, e-mail: yalamov@feb.uni-sofia.bg