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Enrol in the Master Degree Programme
on Management of Information & Knowledge Systems
of the Sorbonne University


MIKS is an entirely free Master degree programme in ICT and Management. It offers the opportunity for European and International students to get a Master degree in Information Systems Management from the prestigious Sorbonne University and its Management School.


Candidates must have passed the first year of a Masters programme in the area of Information Science, Computer Science, Management Science or allied area. They must have completed 240 credits in the European System (or equivalent). During this curriculum of 12 months duration, students shall specialize in the Management of Information and Knowledge Systems (IKS) and the Governance of IKS projects.


French Apprenticeship System - EARN whilst you LEARN

The programme is entirely sponsored by the companies. The students are assisted in finding employment and paying their tuition fees. Thus the programme is free for the involved students. Moreover, each admitted student is provided paid contractual employment for one year with a French company. Under MIKS, students spend alternate periods in the company and academia (cycle of 4 weeks in industry followed by 2 weeks in academia).

Web site: http://mastersic.univ-paris1.fr/

Information about the Master programme:

Guidelines for the candidates:



The application form can be downloaded from this web page.

If you are interested, please fill the application form and send it to Mrs Nadège Jean before end of May 2016.