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You can find a leaflet with information of the ANNETTE summer school on Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Waste Management and Radiation Protection here
The event will take place between 24-30 June, 2018 in Finland and FuseNet is coordinating the fusion-specific parts of this summer school as part of the larger ANNETTE project.
The nuclear aspects of fusion reactors are addressed in the ‘Nuclear Technology’-track of this summer school and could be of interest to both professionals in industry/research institutes, as well as for fusion students from Universities. It concludes topics such as nuclear safety and regulation, neutron irradiation, material damages, tritium breeding, tritium handling and safety, radio-active waste, and nuclear codes and standards.
Applications can be made through the website for the ANNETTE summer school: https://annettesummerschool.org/
More information on the fusion component can also be found on the FuseNet website: http://www.fusenet.eu/node/1273
There is no registration fee and students from FuseNet members can apply for travel support through www.fusenet.eu/funds