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Students from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) displayed the Rector's Silver Cup in the Showcase of glory in front of the Dean's Office. They won the cup for the second place in the competition among all students from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". Every year, the Department of Sports at the University organizes competitions for students from the 16 faculties in all types of sports, including aerobics, basketball, volleyball, judo, athletics, swimming, sport climbing, sports dancing, tennis, table tennis, hiking, fitness, football, etc.

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The faculty with the most total points from all competitions wins the Rector's Cup. This year, the competitions in all types of sports took place in the period 4-18 May. In the complex ranking, students from FEBA won 2nd place.

Here is their ranking:

1. Table tennis (women), 1st place, Ivanna Korencheva

2. Volleyball, 3rd place: Martin Hristov, Daniel Rusev, Daniel Bonev, Ivanka Badeva

3. Swimming, 1st place, Iveta Pavlova

4. Tennis (women), 3rd place, Maria Boeva

5. Judo (men), 3rd place, Ioan-Asen Todorov

6. Sports dances:

- beginner solo girls: 1st place, Iliana Ranchova

- advanced solo girls: 3rd place, Stelli Krosnarova

- dance couples beginners: 1st, Margarita Bacheva with partner Vasil Paligorov from FMI.

7. Football, 3rd place, Yordan Rangelov, Angel Paunchev, Emilian Andreev, Ziad Huseini, Radoslav Nenov, Petar Nenov, Kaloyan Kazakov, Alexander Slavkov, Nikita Holomiev, Briand Fabrice; most correct competitor - Yordan Rangelov.

8. Fitness disciplines (women), 2nd place, Bojana Toycheva

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The students from the football team of FEBA, Ivannka Korencheva and Iveta Pavlova, the coach of one of the best athletes at Sofia University - Chief Assistant Prof. Venelina Tsvetkova from the Department of Sports and the Dean of FEBA Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev participated in the event.