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FEBA offers courses in English, German and French for Erasmus+ students in the Bachelor and Master programmers. The variety of courses together with the high professionalism its staff makes it one of the most attractive faculties for Erasmus students at Sofia University.

FEBA cooperates closely with many universities within the framework of Erasmus+ program, Fulbright program, DAAD and other international programs.

FEBA is part of the Central and South-Eastern Europe Phd Network /CESEENET/ and Central European Exchange Program for University Studies /CEEPUS/.

Bulgaria is represented by the Faculty of Economics in the editorial board of the renowned economic scientific journal Acta Oeconomica Pragensia. The journal is published by the University of Economics in Prague and focuses on Central and Eastern European countries.

The interest of international students in the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programmes offered by FEBA is traditionally high. There are representatives from 29 countries - Armenia, Bangladesh, Belarus, China, Ghana, Georgia, Greece, India, Iraq, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Morocco, Moldova, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Macedonia, Serbia, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen.

Scientific research and international relations are closely linked.

The international activity of the Faculty of Economics and BA is aimed at:

  • promoting the Faculty of Economics and BA as a leading institution in teaching and research in the field of economics, business studies and management
  • strengthening and expanding cooperation with universities and research centres in Europe , USA and Asia
  • participation in the activities and projects of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) of the European Commission, especially in Erasmus, the sub-programme for higher education

List of FEBA's bilateral cooperation agreements with foreign universities

List of FEBA's partners in the framework of the Erasmus Program

Agreements with the University in Leipzig and the University of Applied Sciences in Worms (Germany) for mutual recognition of study results that allows students to receive two degrees

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