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The project “Building Scientific Capacity through Knowledge transfer, Exchange of Hands-on Practices, Linked Academic Research and Networking (SCHOLARNET) has the goal to contribute to strengthening the research excellence of Sofia University’s Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) in the area of economic studies such as sustainable models for innovations in public services and cost analysis, risk management of targeted markets, crisis and sustainability (institutional sustainability), capacity building and replicability of successful innovative tools by creating a scientific link with research intensive European universities.

The vision of the project leader, FEBA, is to develop and implement a twinning project aimed at building on the huge potential of the scientific networking, knowledge transfer and exchange of best practice between research institutions for achieving research excellence.



The project is financed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science.


The project partners are:


The SCHOLARNET project is designed to further consolidate the full research capacities of FEBA with the support of affiliated scientists from two other Universities by supporting its research strategy for future development in one common field. This reinforcement should lead to the establishment of a larger, stronger and more efficient research capacity in the field of Economic Sciences - Sustainable models for innovations in public services and raising SME competitiveness, risk management of targeted markets, Models of Institutional Convergence as Factor for the Economic Development in new member states (institutional sustainability), capacity building and replicability of successful innovative tools. Moreover, the targeted research excellence is perceived as a higher stage of research culture. In this regard the new research capacities of P1 SU-FE will be manifested through increased number of high quality or innovative products, high levels of research funding, organization and participation in high level research forums, obtaining reputable scientific awards, etc

The project will help make full use of FEBA’s research and human capacities, turning it into an institution with a strong regional significance in economic research. One of the basic ideas of the project is to help FEBA to become a national reference research centre in the field of economic studies as well as to contribute to National Smart specialization strategy.

It is also envisaged that the project implementation will become an endeavour for developing strong relations with a longterm horizon of cooperation between network of the partners from of the advanced (Germany and France) and low performing partners (Bulgaria).


For more information, contact scholar.net@feb.uni-sofia.bg

More information about the project will be available soon on this webpage.




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