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Bachelor and Master degree programs after secondary education

>>New UPDATE according to the application documents:

Individuals who graduated non-Bulgarian secondary schools submit a Certificate for acknowledged secondary education issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. The certificate contains the grades in the different subjects recalculated according to the Bulgarian grade system.

Preferable: no translated and legalized documents

For detailed information about the recognition procedure of secondary education contact the Regional Education Management:



The applicants from non-EU member countries will receive ONLINE the document for Visa D application from the Ministry of Education and Science! Sofia University Admission Office will no longer submit the document to the candidate!

The document (a notice) for acceptance will be issued by the Faculty after the enrollment of the candidate!


The University has TWO WEEKS to send the documents to the Ministry of Education and Science.



Transfer of students from non-EU member countries /citizenship/ is NOT possible for academic 2022-2023.


1. Letter to the Rector /in Bulgarian/ with the inquiry if a transfer is possible according to the submitted documents. The letter could be submitted in person - r. 114/115, Rectorate or to be sent in delovodstvo@uni-sofia.bg

2. Academic transcript - translated and legalized with all passed exams and credits included

3. Copy of the secondary education diploma

а) If the secondary education is obtained in another country than Bulgaria, a certificate from the Ministry of education and science with all grades recalculated is needed.

4. A notice about successfully passed application exams - Biology and Chemistry /if the applicant wants a transfer in Medicine or Pharmacy in English/. If there aren't any, attending on one/both of ours is obligatory /7th and/or14th of September - enrollment until the end of August/

It is possible to transfer students only after the first or after the second year! They must finish their 1st or 2nd year at the year of transfer application!

Documents submission: 24-31.08


Application for PHARMACY in English

Application for MEDICINE in English


The exam fee for Medicine and Pharmacy must be paid via bank transfer! The payment order should be submitted at the Admission Office of Sofia University.


IBAN: BG52 BNBG9661 3100 1743 01


Титуляр: СУ “Св. Климент Охридски”

Задължено лице (вносител) – КАНДИДАТ-СТУДЕНТЪТ


For further information and questions please refer to the Inspector of International Students