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REMEMBER! Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration send automated informatio for students only to students' university email accounts.


If you do not want to use several accounts simultaneously, you may redirect the Sofia University and FEBA messages from the university account to a personal account.



emails from the domain @uni-sofia.bg

Every student at Sofia University may start their email @uni-sofia.bg from here.

The username is predefined (check it here) and the password is the same as for the SUSI system (you can change it from SUSI).

The email account is with the following format:

{ name in SUSI } @ uni-sofia.bg

The platform https://email.uni-sofia.bg offers online collaboration tools as well as email accounts, calendars, address book, real-time conversations, etc.

For support: zimbra@uni-sofia.bg

The email accounts @uni-sofia.bg can redirect all incoming messages to other email accounts.


email accounts @office365student.uni-sofia.bg

The detailed instructions for students are here:

  • for using email accounts @ office365student.uni-sofia.bg
  • for using licensed software from Microsoft

A valid user name is needed (check your username here) and a password for SUSI


For support write to: nnetoff@feb.uni-sofia.bg

The mail accounts @office365student.uni-sofia.bg can redirect all incoming mail to other addresses. See the instructions here .