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The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is a leading institution in the country and the Balkan region for training and research in economics and management sciences (see World Bank, 2002).

According to the Ranking of University Economic Education in Bulgaria, prepared by the Bulgarian Association for Human Resource Management and Development (BAHRMD), graduates of Sofia University are among the most preferred candidates by employers. In other rankings in recent years, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University has consistently ranked first or second among the best economic academic institutions in Bulgaria.

In the official Rating System for Higher Education Institutions in Bulgaria the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration holds the first place in the fields of Economics and Administration and Management among Bulgarian universities.

Students graduated from the Faculty are successful due to four main factors: good economic and legal training, in-depth application of quantitative methods in economic and management analysis, high level of foreign language skills and solid training in modern software applications.

In 2023 FEBA has adopted its Strategic Plan 2023-2028 in relation to its internationalization and accreditation ( download ).

The training programmes at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration are of a distinctly interdisciplinary nature, combining economic, financial, managerial and legal disciplines and the so-called STEM disciplines - applied mathematics, statistics, computer and information technologies. The balanced teaching of classical and modern theoretical and empirical models and concepts develops practically-oriented skills based on solid theoretical knowledge and prepares students for effective decision-making through the use of modern methods and tools, including work with real data and the application of modern analytical software applications. This training corresponds to the needs of the labor market in Bulgaria and the European Union for applied specialists and managers in business, finance and government and is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of our graduates in the dynamically changing market environment in the country and abroad. The focus of the training of students in the faculty is the development of entrepreneurial skills to start their own business (including social enterprise and green/circular business), eventually inherit a family business and develop their own innovative and technological products in the field of economics, finance and business.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administartion in figures:

• 3 bachelor's programmes with training in English, French and German with the possibility to obtain a double degree from French universities and a partnership with German universities;

• Over 30 master's programmes in the fields of economics, finance, business and administration in Bulgarian and English with training for economists and non-economists in Bulgarian and English and with the possibility of obtaining a double diploma from French universities;

• 8 PhD programmes in the professional field of Economics and Administration and Management with training in Bulgarian and English with different sectoral specialization and in the field of applied economic analysis and economic policy;

• More than 1,400 students studying at Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, of which over 80 are foreign students, while the faculty has been maintaining active international cooperation with over 70 universities from all over the world;

• Over 65 full-time professors with established academic and professional careers, with an average age of 46 years of the teaching staff in the faculty , and the attraction of many guest professors from Western Europe and the USA;

• Traditional implementation of projects and holding of international scientific conferences with partner universities from Germany, France, Switzerland, USA, etc.;

• Active cooperation with business in over 100 partnerships with institutions from the corporate and public sector;

• Over 10 active clubs and centers in the field of economics, business and entrepreneurship, which enjoy keen interest from students;

• Innovatively functioning Career Center and Center for Educational Services.


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