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The Vocational School of Computer Programming and Innovation in Burgas received the status of an associate school to Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". The agreement is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. This was announced today in Burgas by the Rector of the University Prof. Georgi Valchev and the Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.


"The Burgas High School becomes the third in the country associated school to Sofia University after the National Gymnasium of Natural Sciences and Mathematics "Academician Lyubomir Chakalov" and the National High School of Ancient Languages and Cultures. This way we reach all the faculties of Sofia University, including the PhD program in computer science and artificial intelligence - INSAIT. This will also help us for next year when Burgas will be the first host of the first International Artificial Intelligence Olympiad. We will be happy to see this model expanded to other schools and cities in the country," Mayor Dimitar Nikolov said during the meeting.

"By establishing our branch in Burgas, we took the most logical step to choose one of the most modern schools here to give young people prospects for future development. In Burgas, we have the best examples, which are the result of a consistent forward-looking local policy. We need to work to improve the link between secondary and higher education if we want to give young people the chance to find a good career. This will help young people to get a good education and, without going abroad, keep them in the region. I thank the Municipality of Burgas for the partnership," said the Rector of the University Prof. Georgi Valchev.

As an academy of Sofia University, the Burgas School of Computer Programming will be supported in its educational activities by the university in the preparation of the curricula of the special subjects and periodic attestation every three years of the teachers in these subjects, carried out by the relevant faculties of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".

"As the Head of a master's program in the field of artificial intelligence and of the Career Centre at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, I want to say that these are challenging sciences requiring high expertise from the business and academic world. We are creating a series of innovative products based on this expertise. Now we have undertaken this venture to work together and create school-university-business synergy", said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boryana Bogdanova from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

"For me, today is a celebration and a new beginning. Our direction is to support the motivation of young people, to have access to career guidance and to be closer to a conscious choice of profession. Teamwork between university, school and business is the key to achieving these outcomes. Changes happen where we have enough supporters in the future of children, where bold steps are taken for their better future and partners are sought", added Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bogdanova.

The agreement entitles the teachers of the high school to use free of charge all university forms of qualification and postgraduate training offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

"These are career paths that will make our students successful people and help them choose a technology-related profession. Two years ago, our high school opened two new majors for the country - robot programming and artificial intelligence. For this, we need support from the academic community. Our city already has a branch of Sofia University and now we are building on this level by cooperating with all its faculties for the development of children," added the director of the Vocational School of Programming and Innovation in Burgas, Dimitrina Todorova.