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Our experience has shown us just how valuable this international event is for both students and teachers. We hope that our International Week will give you the chance to discover our lovely region, expand your professional network and get to know our students from the departments of Marketing, Business Administration, Applied Biology, Electrical Engineering and Information Science, Mechanical engineering, Social Work, Administration and Sales Management. The week will also give our students the opportunity to learn about your universities, experience different teaching methods, practice foreign languages and get inspired to study abroad.


Angers University is now a member of a European alliance of eight universities working jointly on an EU Green project. So this year we would like to introduce a green dimension into our week and tackle some of the issues we’re facing as a planet. Green should be understood in a broad sense including ecological transition, sustainable development, social justice and responsibility, health, well-being … Any lectures, seminars and activities that resonate with this theme will be more than welcome.

Contributions could take the form of lectures and case studies and here are some ideas we’ve thought of: environmental and scientific responsibility, food sustainability, eco-designs, digital twin, internet of things, green economy, and management, fair trade, circular economy, responsible and ethical communication, etc.

And of course, we will be glad to consider proposals not closely involving this green dimension.

You’ll be with our first-year students and so we don’t expect the material covered to be too technical or in-depth. Interactive activities are most welcome to optimize the students’ participation. If you’d like to come with some of your students, please let us know their number so that we can arrange for their accommodation on the campus and their program during the week. They’d be very welcome!

You can find more information here .