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Postgraduate Qualification and Continuing Education Department (PQCED): information and application documents

The postgraduate qualification training in its various types and forms is organized by the Postgraduate Qualification and Continuing Education Department (PQCED), which is a university-wide service unit.

The various types and forms of courses for the PQ and the CE are designed for graduates of all educational qualification levels, for students as well as for graduates of secondary education.

Courses can be short-term, vocational qualification courses to upgrade an already acquired qualification in a particular specialty - specialization, as well as to acquire a new or additional qualification. The forms of training are full-time, part-time and distance learning. Training may be group or individual.

The nature and duration of training in the various types and forms of PQ and CE is determined by the curricula and programs developed by the specialized training and research units.

Application documents for the PQ:

  • An application to the Rector;
  • A copy of the diploma for the relevant degree.

The cost of the qualification forms is paid by the sponsor or the student. Funding is provided by signing contracts between the Rector of Sofia University and the sponsor or the trainee.