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Master's Programme: Economics and Public Resources Management

Form of study: part-time

Duration of study: 2 semesters, winter semester admission for economists

Director: Assoc. Prof. Savina Mihaylova-Goleminova, PhD

E-mail: s.mihaylova@feb.uni-sofia.bg

Administrator: Chief Assist. Prof. Desislava Kalcheva, PhD

E-mail: d.kalcheva@feb.uni-sofia.bg



Aim of the programme:

To prepare highly qualified specialists in the field of economics and public resource management by providing knowledge and building skills to analyse the economic, legal and institutional foundations of the functioning of the European Union public funds system and Republic of Bulgaria. The Master's programme is aimed at preparing employees in public administration, business, public enterprises and NGOs. The skills for working with public funds and resources are required for representatives of all stakeholders in the economic and financial system given their impact on European and national economy. Therefore, knowledge of the processes involved in the financial management of public funds is a competitive advantage in the labour market.

Graduates of the programme obtain the qualification of Master in Economics and Management of Public Resources.


Tuition fees in Sofia University for the academic 2023 / 2024 year


Admission requirements: see general requirements.

Graduates of the Master's programme can pursue careers as experts, analysts and managers in a wide range of a wide range of institutions in the private, public and non-governmental sectors: project managers in the public and private sectors; public sector officials and executives. administration; experts and consultants in non-governmental organizations; consultants in commercial companies and freelancers; researchers and lecturers in higher education institutions.

The duration of study is 1 year (2 semesters) and covers:

  • Basic training - compulsory subjects, building the professional specialization of a Master in Economics and Management of public resources - public finance and taxation, constitutional foundations of state power, property management in the public sphere, public procurement management and public-private partnerships and economic policy.
  • Professional training - free elective training in project finance and cost-benefit analysis, public enterprise management, infrastructure services and regulation, business integrity, budget accounting. Optional training at students' request in Organizational change and development and business planning and control.

Non-economist students must choose four general economics and finance preparatory courses - microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance and economic aspects of law.

Teaching is provided by specialists combining academic and practical experience in private business and the public sector.

The training is completed by the defence of a Master's thesis, with state examination sessions in November and March respectively.