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Master's Program in

Energy Markets & Services

(former program Economics and Management in Energy, Infrastructure and Utilities Sectors)


Program Director: Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev, PhD

Program Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Mariya Trifonova, PhD


Tuition fees in Sofia University for the academic 2023 / 2024 year


Part of the education includes industrial visits to power plants, water treatment plants, and other utilities locations


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See here the 10 energy myths of the 21st century, presented by Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev, PhD - Director of the "Energy Markets and Services" Master's Program

(C) TEDxAUBG, 2013


In the country and the region, there is no other area of the economy and business life that needs as large in size, horizon and effect of reforms and investment as the sectors of energy, infrastructure and utilities.


Fundamental reforms in the energy and infrastructure sectors, such as unbundling, privatization and liberalization, regional and European integration, require a new young generation of well-trained economists and managers. For a number of reasons, there are not enough centers in the country or traditions in the training of such specialists. Within this framework, The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" has been offering master's and doctoral degrees in these areas since 2005.


The Master's program in Energy Markets and Services aims to fill this extremely important niche and take leading academic, research and business positions in it. Its creation is in accordance with the policy and strategy of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration for bringing master's programs closer to practice and serving her needs with well-trained professionals.


Specifically, the program aims at preparing an entirely new direction for specialists in Bulgarian politics and administration, industry and business in the economy and management of the energy sector and the public and communal services provided through it.




The Master's program "Energy Markets and Services" at the Department of Industrial Economics and Management is implemented with the active assistance and support of energy, infrastructure and utility companies in Bulgaria.


In the first phase of the Master's Program, from 2005 to 2019, prominent sector experts and experienced managers were involved in the preparation and presentation of the lectures as well as in the practical classes. Guest speakers from leading European energy centers and utility companies have been invited and will continue to be invited to participate in the program.


The leadership of the Master’s Program is also organizing research conferences, corporate and scientific seminars, student internships and internships at industry centers and companies. In


The program is supported by leading energy companies operating in Bulgaria, as well as by industrial energy consumers. The guest lecturers include leading managers from state-owned energy companies, as well as from the National Energy Chamber and its members – the privately owned energy companies in Bulgaria, the Institute of Energy Management (member at Eurelectric), associations of electricity traders, renewable energy producers, managers from technology companies and other industry representatives.




In theoretical and applied aspect:

  • To be familiar with technology and practice for public policy development, strategies and programs for the development of the energy sector, infrastructure, facilities management, transport and communications infrastructure and services;
  • Know the legal and regulatory framework of public infrastructure and services in Bulgaria, Europe and the world;
  • Have knowledge of the location of energy statistics, local, regional and national energy balances, analyzes and forecasts;
  • Know the macro frameworks of the economy of energy and utilities consumption;
  • Have knowledge of the processes related to the restructuring of the energy and utility sectors, their liberalization, regional and European integration;
  • Know the methods and approaches for energy and infrastructure risk management;
  • Know the link between energy, infrastructure and utilities with environmental protection and sustainable development;
  • Know the economics and financing of energy efficiency;
  • To know the impact of investments on the competitiveness of infrastructure and energy companies and the services provided through them;
  • To be aware of the prospects for the Bulgarian energy and infrastructure in the context of regional and European integration;
  • To know the basic elements of corporate management of energy and utility companies - strategies and restructuring, regulation and pricing, marketing and sales, executive and financial management, management and servicing of physical assets, management information systems and others.


In practical aspect:

Apply what has been learned as theoretical knowledge and shared practical experience to solve practical problems;

  • To formulate goals and strategies, to make plans, to carry out different types of control;
  • Have effective communication;
  • Plan and organize their own work effectively;
  • Be able to use a variety of sources of information and work with them independently.




The graduates of the program have the possibility to be working as specialists and managers in energy, infrastructure and utility companies, as experts, managers and consultants in the public administration and the non-governmental sector, as well as members of the academic and research community.




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