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Head Assoc. Prof. Todor Veltchev, PhD
Room: B64
Phone: (+359 2) 8161 414
E-mail: eirene@phys.uni-sofia.bg

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A new speciality ASTROPHYSICS, METEOROLOGY AND GEOPHYSICS started at the Faculty of Physics in the academic year 2006/2007. It gives the students the excellent opportunity for professional orientation in the those fields since the very beginning of their Bachelor education.



Assoc. Prof. Petko Nedialkov, PhD
Room: В53
Phone: (+359 2) 8161 337
E-mail: japet@phys.uni-sofia.bg

Assoc. Prof. Evgeni Ovcharov, PhD
Room: В52
Phone: (+359 2) 8161 717
E-mail: evgeni@phys.uni-sofia.bg

Assoc. Prof. Antoniya Valcheva, PhD
Room: В65
Phone: -
E-mail: valcheva@phys.uni-sofia.bg

Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Bozhilov, PhD
Room: B65
Phone: -
E-mail: vbozhilov@phys.uni-sofia.bg

Head Assist. Prof. Georgi Petrov, PhD
Room: B53
Phone: (+359 2) 8161 201
E-mail: g_petrov@phys.uni-sofia.bg

Head Assist. Prof. Orlin Stanchev, PhD
Room: B64
Phone: (+359 2) 8161 415
E-mail: o_stanchev@phys.uni-sofia.bg

Assit. Prof. Milen Minev
Room: В64
Phone: (+359 2) 8161 415
E-mail: msminev@phys.uni-sofia.bg

Angel Dimitrov
Room: В56
Phone: -
E-mail: angel_dimitrov@phys.uni-sofia.bg

Evelina Zaharieva
Room: B52
Phone: (+359 2) 8161 717
E-mail: ezaharieva@phys.uni-sofia.bg

Pencho Marishki
Room: В56
Phone: -
E-mail: markishki@phys.uni-sofia.bg

Kalina Stoimenova
Room: В56
Phone: -
e-mail: kalina@phys.uni-sofia.bg