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Sonia Mileva - Synchronizing the European standards in tourism

Daniela Asenova – Strategy development procedure in the public sector

Elitsa Ostreva – Using the power of trade marks in the sector of telecommunications in Bulgaria

Ralitsa Simeonova-Ganeva – Human capital and economic growth in the neo-classical empirical models

Evelina Veleva – A representation of the Wishart distridution by functions of independent random variables

Kaloyan Ganev – Can educational attainment explain total factor productivity? Growth accounting evidence from seven transition countries for the period 1991-2000

Marcellin Yovogan - Quel système de gouvernance des entreprises bulgares ?

Bancho Banov - How the Federal Republic of Germany succeeds in the period 1949 – 1953 to shift from a negative to a positive trade balance

Vassil Yordanov – Government debt management – sustainability indicators

Vassil Yordanov – External debt management – analyses and results

Pavel Stoynov - SPA+ is an unique chance for the balneological tourism not only in Bulgaria

Pavel Stoynov – An example of estimating the parameters of SSGWMM

Iskra Christova-Balkanska - Le dilemme de l’adoption de l’Euro par la Bulgarie dans le cadre de l’adhésion à l’UE

Guergana Stanoeva- Regime de change, evolution du taux de change reel et commerce exterieur des pays de l’Est : quelle relation ?

Lehman Fletcher – Policies versus institutions as determinants of economic growth in developing countries: which rule?

Detelin Elenkov, Ivan Manev - Toward integrated theory of cultural intelligence and visionary - transformational leadership in relation to innovation

Anastassia Bankova – Network reengineering – a change for the Bulgarian business to innovate

Diana Boyadzhieva - Data warehousing and business intelligence in the spotlight – the case for the Bulgarian banks

Narcis Mitu, Laura Vasilescu - Acquis implications on the companies and insurance institutions from the Central and Eastern European countries

Ana Popa, Laura Vasilescu – The correlations between democracy and the sustainable development

Nicolae Sichigea, Dan Florentin Sichigea - New trends regarding the non-government credit in Romania

Laura Vasilescu, Ana Popa, Narcis Mitu – The role of the non-financial institutions in ensuring the financial stability of the romanian economy

Adela Socol, Iulia Iuga – Outcomes of European integration on the romanian banking system – the new Basel II agreement