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Head: Assoc. Prof. Miroslava Zhiponova, PhD

Phone. (+359 2) 8167 388
E-mail: zhiponova@biofac.uni-sofia.bg

The Plant Physiology study at Sofia University was originated in 1929 by Prof. Nicola Arnaudov within the Department of Botany. Lectures and practical classes in Plant Physiology were given the status of independent course in 1947. Furthermore, Prof. N. Arnaudov invited Kiril Popov, who earned his doctorate in Germany as his assistant in General Botany and thus, he became the first habilitated lecturer in Plant Physiology in Bulgaria. During the period 1947 - 1965, the new curricula were approved with distinguished specialization in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. During 1963 the Department was developing very fast and consisted of over 20 lecturers. A summer practice in Plant Physiology was also established. In 1956, Prof. K. Popov wrote the first Bulgarian text-book in Plant Physiology, followed by the first handbook in Plant Physiology. With his organizational and scientific work Prof. K. Popov left his mark as one of the first establishers of the contemporary Phytophysiology in Bulgaria.

The research development in Plant Physiology Department was widened in several directions. Some of the first investigations of plant growth regulators and their practical application were carried out (Prof. K. Popov, Prof. G. Georgiev). The physiological and biochemical changes in plants occurring as a result of their resistance against environmental factors were studied (Prof. K. Popov, Prof. Ts. Makedonska, Prof. S. Todorov). A chlorophyll-protein complex and its role in productivity of photosynthesis (Prof. K. Popov, etc.) was also studied. During this development period the Department name was changing as well – Department of Anatomy, Organotrophy and Physiology of Plants (1947), Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry of Plants (1959), Department of Anatomy and Plant Physiology (1965) and Department of Plant Physiology (1973).

The Heads of the Department were, in chronological order: Prof. Kiril Popov (1954-1958), Prof. Georgi Georgiev (1958-1984), Prof. Georgi Kimenov (1984-1994), Assoc. Prof. Alexandra Uzunova (1994-2000), Assoc. Prof. Georgi Andreev (2000 -2008), Prof. Veneta Kapchina-Toteva (2008 – 2016), Assoc. Prof. Ganka Chaneva (2016 – at present).


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