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The Departments of Botany (1891) and Zoology (1897) were formed only three years after the establishment of Sofia University. In ten years, the number of departments doubled and provided teaching for students in the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics in the specialty of Natural History. In 1944 this specialty was split into two disciplines – Biology and Geology. The Faculty of Biology, Geology and Geography was created in 1951. That same year, the Department of Hydrobiology and Fishery appeared.

Initially, the Faculty of Biology was settled in one of the oldest buildings of the University on 49 Moskovska Street, constructed back in 1883. Higher education in Bulgaria was initiated in that building. The growing interest in natural sciences necessitated an increasing number of students, teaching staff and therefore the movement to a larger building, allowing more intense teaching and scientific research.

Seventy years after the initiation of biological sciences education in Sofia University, the Faculty of Biology was established as a separate and independent structure. Biological sciences were developing rapidly in the early 60’s of the XX century thus necessitating the introduction of modern disciplines and training of new types of specialists. Accordingly, new departments were created to meet the necessity to cover the major trends in biology:

1963 General and Industrial Microbiology, Human and Animal Physiology
1965 Biochemistry
1972 Biophysics and Radiobiology
1973 Plant Physiology
1974 Genetics, Ecology and Environmental Protection, Cytology, Histology and Embryology
1981 Biotechnology
1989 Laboratory in Virology
2011 Biology Education of Didactics

Back in 1976, the Faculty of Biology was moved in the building of the former Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry, situated on 8 Dragan Tsankov blvd. An experimental field was formed in the backyard of the Faculty that was used as an experimental base. The building was built in 1928 with the financial support of the Rockefeller Foundation. It was designed by the famous architect and philosopher Georgi Ovcharov. Both buildings, home for the Bulgarian biologists are among the most beautiful in Sofia and were pronounced architectural cultural monuments of national importance by Sofia Municipality.

The building of the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry in the beginning of the ХХ The laboratory of Agricultural Chemistry
in 1930
The Aula in 1930