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Science is an inevitable part of the activity of the academic community of the Faculty of Biology. The educational process is tightly bound to the scientific work. Research projects are constantly developed in collaboration with other universities (Bulgarian and/or International), scientific institutes (Bulgarian and/or International), non-governmental organizations, foundations, state and private companies. Financial supports are granted by Sofia University, National Fund for Scientific Researches, sponsor foundations, state and private companies etc.

Acad. Roumen Tsanev during the Anniversary Scientific Session 5–7.10.1981 1988 - Lecture from Doctor Honoris Causa Peter Campbell, 100 years Sofia University Anniversary Scientific Conference, 1993

The scientific areas of interest of the teaching staff are determined in a high degree by the educational subjects thus giving the opportunity to modernize and widen the educational process by the scientific research and achievements in the Faculty. The experimental data acquired contributes to the solving of actual problems in biological science. Students and PhD students are always welcomed and participate actively in scientific research.

The establishment of international scientific collaborations was always a priority in the activity of the Faculty of Biology. Dozens of projects, funded by NATO, 5th, 6th and 7th framework of EU, INCO/Copernicus, TEMPUS, Socrates, Da Vinci, COST etc. are constantly developed. Teaching staff mobility, consultants and specialists interchange, organizing and co-organizing of international scientific forums, congresses, symposia and discussion, publications in national and international scientific journals, participation in editorial committees of national and international scientific journals are direct results of these collaborations.


Opening of the Anniversary Session 45 years Faculty of Biology – 2009


VII National Conference in Botany – 29.09.2011


Scientific Youth Conference “Kliment’s days” – 2012

Annually, during the Kliment’s Days in November (25th of November – the patron holiday of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”) a Youth Scientific Conference “Kliment’s Days” is held in the Faculty. This is a great opportunity for students, PhD students and young scientists to present their scientific research in front of the scientific community and to exchange and share experience with senior colleagues. A round table Career Development is also organized during the Conference. Guests of the round table are well established scientists and lecturers, invited to share the experience of their professional development, obstacles and misadventures of their career with young colleagues and to give them valuable advices in their studies and scientific activity. Other guests are the direct employers of graduates – directors of institutes, representatives of companies and non-governmental organizations. They introduce future bachelor and master graduates to the opportunities of professional realization in the scientific research sphere, to the private sector and as specialists in international organizations.

The Anniversary Scientific Session of the Faculty of Biology is held every 5 years. Famous and outstanding scientists from Bulgaria and the world are invited as guest-lecturers during it. The conferences are funded by the Fund for Scientific Research of Sofia University, the Bulgarian Union of Scientists, by sponsor companies etc.

The basis of life - a marvelous sculpture of the DNA structure is welcoming the guests of the JGC

The Joint Genomic Centre has been inaugurated on 10th of March, 2010. The centre was funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Finances. Academician Atanas Atanassov and Prof. Maria Shishiniova are the Directors of the Centre.

The mission of JGC is to serve as a prototype of a modern innovative centre in the area of bio-economics thus playing a central role as a catalyst between science and industry. High value added innovative products are developed in Centre with impact on human health. The Centre is offering high quality service for determination of the quality of plant and animal products and food safety, performed by highly qualified specialists. Training of specialists and consulting services for effective partnership between business and scientific institutes in the field of high technologies is also offered by the Centre.


Joint Genomic Centre


Co-directors of JGC are Acad. A. Atanassov and Prof. M. Shishiniova

Twice a year, JGC organizes and held national and international courses, schools and seminars for training of students, master students and PhD students. The courses are part of the educational programmes of the Faculty of Biology of Sofia University and are composed both of theoretical and practical module thanks to the advanced equipment, available in the Centre. Students from other Bulgarian or international universities are welcomed to participate in the courses.

The Centre is also offering commercial services in the field of genomics (quality of seeds for sowing, purity of breeds etc.), metabolomics (food quality and safety incl. GMO etc.) and bioinformatics.