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PhD is the major form of organized training of highly qualified specialists in every aspect of the social practice. The order and requirements for admission of PhD students, education of PhD students and public defense of PhD thesis is conformable to the Statute for higher education, Statute for development of academic staff in Republic of Bulgaria, Regulation of the execution of the Statute for development of academic staff in Republic of Bulgaria, Decrees of the Government, Regulation of the organization and activity of Sofia University, Regulation of the clauses and organization for acquisition of scientific degrees and occupation of academic positions in Sofia University and resolutions of the Academic council of Sofia University.

In 2010 a pilot project entitled “Doctoral school”, funded by the Scientific Research Fund of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (grant 210/2010) started with the aim to raise the general educational, research and social capacity of the PhD degree for a better and successful career start of PhDs as young scientists and professionals.

The PhD degree is undertaken in a full-time or part-time form of education, as well as unsupervised on an individual plan.

The period of training in full-time PhD degree is three years, four years for the part-time form and three years for an unsupervised PhD degree. Masters of Science are allowed to apply for a PhD grant. According to the Statute for higher education PhD training could be accomplished only in specialties, rated as “very good” during the accreditation.

Accredited Scientific Majors of the Educational and Scientific Degree “Doctor” in the Faculty of Biology are as follow:

4.3 Biological sciences*
Cell biology
Ecology and Environmental protection
Human and Animal physiology
Molecular Biology
Plant Physiology

5.11 Biotechnologies*
Technology of Biologically Active Substances

1.3 Pedagogy of education in…*
Teaching Methodology of Biology


* Professional specialty