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Mission, vision, aims and tasks

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The Faculty of Biology is established as an independent structure since the summer of 1963, teaching in two main specialties – Biology and Biochemistry and Microbiology. Nowadays students are trained in eight bachelor’s degree prorammes – Biology, Molecular biology, Biotechnologies, Ecology and Environmental Protection, Biology and Chemistry, Geography and Biology, Bio-management and Sustainable Development and Biology and English language. Students are educated in 29 programmes in the master’s degree.

The Faculty’s mission and aims are identical with those of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” as follow: to study, investigate, develop and share experience in fundamental and practical sciences through outstanding scientific and practical qualification of its members; to function as an institution of national importance, providing the examples of scientific and educational activity and forming the core of the Bulgarian intellectuals.

The major tasks of the Faculty of Biology of Sofia University is training of highly-qualified specialists with higher education, capable of developing and applying scientific knowledge in different aspects of human activity; to undertake fundamental and applied scientific research and to create and apply scientific production; to hold and develop the national traditions in the field of education, science and culture; to select, train and develop its teaching staff; to conduct national and international collaborations in the field of education, science and culture; to raise the qualification of higher education specialists.

The main educational task of the Faculty of Biology is to provide training of highly qualified specialists in the field of biological sciences, biotechnologies, ecology, to prepare qualified school teachers in biology, chemistry, geography and biology in English. Education of future biologists would not be possible without the support of lecturers from the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Faculty of Geology and Geography, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Classical and Modern Philologies.

The Faculty teaches students in three educational degrees – bachelor, master and PhD Education in the faculty is provided in three professional trends – Biological Sciences, Biotechnologies and Pedagogy of the Education in Biology.