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Faculty of Slavic Studies offers 12 master programs, giving additional professional qualification for students with bachelor's degree in professional dimension "Pholology" after two-semester taught-course program:

Linguistics - Language System and Speech Practices

The program deepens and improves the knowledge and skills of students in the sphere of Lingustics. The lectures are oriented to contemporary linguistic theories, as well as to theoretically rationalized generalizations of development trends in Bulgarian language. A practical course on editing and rectification of different types of texts is also included in the program.

Literary Studies

The program answers the growing social and academy necessity of creating specialists, capable to think the literature in a broad cultural context. The lectures are focused on connections between literature and ideology, literature and identity, literature and other arts, literature and media. Students will attend courses on contemporary Western-European and world literature.

Translation and Editing

Interdisciplinary program, intended for additional practical and theoretical qualification of foreign language specialists, who will be able to participate actively in contemporary inter linguistic and intercultural communication. Students graduate the program with a diploma for different languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Russian) interpreters-editors. The program actively interacts with European teams of interpreters.

Literature, Cinema and Visual Culture

The program is oriented to students with interests in literary studies, film critical studies, theatre critical studies, visual arts and media. It introduces students to the pressing for contemporary culture questions of interaction between words and images. The transformation of the literary text into visual art and movies is scrutinized in theoretical and historical aspect. The programs offers courses which examine the theory of film art and the language of films, as well as courses, dedicated to some film genres and other visual arts. The specific character of literary adaptation and film translation is also considered.

Interpretative Anthropology

The program offer synthesis of sciences for man. It focuses on the process of creating and interpreting texts as main elements in constructing symbol worlds. The connections between man and nature, man and social environment, man and literature are examined. The courses consider also the relationships center - periphery, local-global, the problems of the Other and identification.

Literature: Creative Writing

The program is oriented to students with interests in creative writing and literary critics. Notorious Bulgarian writers participate in it, introduce the students into the "workshop" of the creative work and direct them in acquiring the secrets of author's "craft". The program broadens their literary culture and prepares cultural journalists, specialists in the field of publishing industry and the art of writing.

Cyril and Methodius Studies in the Context of Byzantine Literature

The program examines major and current problems of Slavic and Balkan Middle Ages, of Old Bulgarian literature and culture, of Old Slavic literary language constructing and functioning. The students are made familiar with the technique of scientific research, a practicum of academic writing and computer processing of Middle Age texts is also included. Graduated students from this program will be able to work as scientists, journalists, editors, lecturers, librarians, administrators, etc.

Computational Linguistics. Internet Technologies in the Humanities

The program is specialized both in the field of Computational Linguistics and in the sphere of electronic processing, analysis and publication of the texts. It examines the issues of language structure from the standpoint of contemporary computer technologies. Students acquire professional qualification in the main directions of computer appliances in Humanitarian Studies - processing of the natural language, electronic publications, problems related to cyberculture and net literature.

Preservation of Bulgarian Cultural Heritage

The program aims at extending the knowledge of history of Bularian literary language, history of art, ethnology and ethnography. It also makes students familiar with European and Bulgarian legislation related to preservation of literary and culture heritage.

Bulgarian Language and Literature Education in Secondary School

The program is directed to consolidation of professional philological and methodical competence of bachelors of Bulgarian Philology and of teachers in Bulgarian language and literature in secondary school. Students acquire knowledge and skills that allow improving of the educational process by contemporary educational technologies.

Language, Culture and Translation

The program prepares qualified specialists in the field of Russian language. New trends in Linguistics and the Theory of Translation, as well as some applied aspects in studying of Russian language are presented. Graduated students from this program could work as translators of fiction, specialized and business texts and also as interpreters from and to Russian language.

Literature and Culture of Russia 

The program offers extensive research in the field of Russian anthropology and folklore and of Russian literature from 18th - 20th century. The dialogue between Russian literature and European literature, the Russian literature and other arts: theatre, cinema, music are examined.


The faculty offers 9 from these master programs for students with bachelor's or master's degree of non-philological subjects. Students will have one additional semester with basic philological courses. After that they can continue their education with other students from programs for specialists.

  • Literary Studies
  • Interpreters and Editors
  • Literature, Cinema and Visual Arts
  • Anthropology and Philology
  • Literature - Creative Writing
  • Cyril and Methodius Studies in the Context of Byzantine Literature
  • Preservation of Bulgarian Literary Heritage
  • Bulgarian Language and Literature Education in Secondary School
  • Language, Culture and Translation
  • Literature and Culture of Russia


The students non-philologists can submit their documents from 24th to 25th September. More information - Room 230, Central building of Sofia University, Phone: (+359 2) 9308 389