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Summer Seminar of Bulgarian Language and Culture for Foreign Scholars and Students

Every year in July and August the Faculty of Slavic Studies organizes a SUMMER SEMINAR OF BULGARIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE FOR FOREIGN SCHOLARS AND STUDENTS

The Seminar is aimed at professors, researchers, and students in the fields of Bulgarian and Slavic Studies, as well as translators and everyone interested in the Bulgarian language, literature, history, and culture.

The mandatory daily classes include 4 hours of Bulgarian Language Practice and 2 hours of specialized seminars in Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Literature, or Bulgarian Cultural Anthropology. There are afternoon classes in Bulgarian Folk Songs and Dances, and Russian Language are held three times a week for 2 hours for those who would like to attend.

Within the cultural programme, there are planned trips to the Rila Monastery and the city of Plovdiv, a visit to the National Museum of History, screenings of Bulgarian films, an evening of nations and talents, etc.


International Philological Forum

The International Philological Forum gives young scholars the opportunity to present their research works and translations.


Albanian Studies in Bulgaria: Albanian Language, Literature and Culture


Bulgarian Virtual Ukrainian Studies