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The Faculty has over 27 lecture halls, a phonetic lab, several computer labs, and centres of different Slavic languages.

The Philology branch of the library is the biggest one within the structure of the University Library and comprises about 20 000 library items. It was founded in 1954. The reading room can seat 65 people at a time.

Faculty Computer Lab, Faculty Network, access to the Internet, a website.

The Russian Test Centre was founded in 2004, with the support of the Public Forum “Bulgaria- Russia”. The centre has a language lab, an auditorium, a computer lab, and a library. An internationally recognized certificate of Russian language proficiency can be obtained here.

Polish Centre “Adam Mitskevich”: equipped with computers, a video player, a scanner, satellite TV; multimedia devices; supplied by state institutions and non-governmental Polish organizations.

  • 1000 library items – fiction, dictionaries, reference books, etc.
  • Collection of Polish films.

Czech Centre, founded in 2005. Equipped with computers, audio and video players, 1500 library items – scientific literature and fiction.

Centre of South Slavic Languages, founded in 2007. Equipped with computers.