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The subject Didactics of Biology is taught in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” since 1949. The first lecturer in this subject was Prof. Assen Yanev (botanist).

For the first time in the academic year 1950/51 a section for professional training of students in Teaching in biology was founded. V. Bozarov was appointed a lecturer of Didactics of Biology and A. Zacharieva was his assistant. At that time the section was part of the Department of Zoology. Later Didactics became a part of an unite Department Common Biology, which also included sections of Genetics, General Biology and Agriculture. During this period the leader of Didactics section was Prof. B. Botev.

In 1952 a guidebook of Didactics was published. The authors were A. Ianev, V. Bozarov, and A. Kostev. V. Bozarov and A. Zaharieva were authors of biology textbook.

During the same period of development in Didactics, biology curriculum and biology teaching methods were improved.

In 1957/58 academic year A. Zaharieva became lecturer. In 1962 E. Kadurina and A. Panajotov were appointed as assistants. Later on S. Rashkova was appointed as well. In 1967 a textbook of Didactics was published. Its authors were A. Zaharieva, E. Kadurina and A. Panajotov.

To ensure future staff of the Section, A. Panajotov conducted a specialization in Germany in 1970. He became a student of Prof. Muller at the University of Greifswald and obtained a PhD degree.

Section of Didactics of biological Education was established in 1972. During the last 40 year Assoc. Prof. D. Hristov, Prof. Tashev, Assoc. Prof. Kadurina, Assoc. Prof. Panajotov, Assoc. Prof. Rashkova, Assoc. Prof. Evtimova and Assoc. Prof. N. Tzanova were been head of the Section.

The section was called Methodological Sector for Didactics of Biology since 2000. There are 5 regular employees at the sector. Three of them are associate professors, two assistants and one biologist. There are 9 PhD students - two of them are part-time and there are some on unsupervised training.


Prof. Vasil Bozarov, founder of the Department


Anastassia Zaharieva, co-founder of the Department

The Department of Didactics of Biology was established in 2011. Nowadays the Department has 2 senior lecturers ( Prof. Dr Natasha Tsanova and Assoc. Prof. Dr Snezhana Tomova), 4 assistants with PhD degree (Asja Asenova, Nadezhda Raicheva, Issa Hadjialy and Kamelia Jotovska) and one biologist (Margarita Bojanova). There is a scientific collaboration with other departments in the Faculty of Biology.

Members of the Department held senior positions - Assoc. Prof. E. Kadurina, Assoc. Prof. S. Rashkova and Prof. N. Tzanova were Vice Dean of the Faculty of Biology.

The Department of Didactics works in collaboration with many schools and teachers. Many new courses, whose subject is the process of ducation, are conducted by the Department. The members of the Department take part in establishing new national educational standards, iology curricula and textbooks. The Department works in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and many governmental and non-governmental institutions. The Department has close links with a number of other departments especially in didactics field.

The Department is an active participant in many national and international educational programs and projects.
Scientific topics
Management of student’s teaching activities
Evaluations of biology knowledge and skills
Models in educational process
Applied Logic
Control the quality of secondary education
Interdisciplinary connections in teaching biology
Environmental education
Health education and upbringing

Fourth year students, spec. Geography and Biology during a meeting with the Biology teachers’ syndicate Students from pedagogy specialties during class in biology We are training future school teachers

Pedagogical design and computer technologies in Biology education ( Prof. Natasha Tsanova)
The origin of life and theories of evolution (Assoc. Prof. Snezhana Tomova)
Management of the quality of secondary school Biology education (Assist. Asya Asenova PhD)
Science education (Assist. Nadejda Rajcheva PhD)

1. Master of Science in Biology – Teaching in English
The elective subjects in Didactics sphere are: Management of the educational and cognitive activities in Biology education, Technology for inclusive education, Teacher portfolio, Application of Web 2.0 technologies in Biology education, Theories of learning as a management of cognitive activities, Methods in development and management of projects in the sphere of Biology education, scientific research in methods of teaching Biology.

Laboratory practical in biology with pupils from 22nd School G. S. Rakovski Students from pedagogical specialties during class Laboratory practical in biology with pupils from 22nd School G. S. Rakovski

The Department provides post-graduate courses every year.