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Head: Assoc. Prof. Mariela Chichova, PhD

Phone: (+359 2) 8167-383
e-mail: mchichova@biofac.uni-sofia.bg

Human and Animal Physiology emerged as a trend first in the Department of Zoology at the Faculty of Biology. In 1963 it appeared as an independent Department with its first Head of the Department, Prof. Lenko Kalchev. At that time, two independent groups existed, one of Animal Biochemistry and the other - of Biophysics and Isotope laboratory. The Department of Animal and Human Physiology appeared because of the necessity of a group for education and research of the functions at organism, cell and macromolecular level in the frames of the functional trend of biological science. This trend had a priority role in the structuring and the educational plans of the newly formed Faculty of Biology. This is the reason for both research and teaching in the Department to be directed towards the cell and subcellular level of organization and regulation of the functions, which corresponds in many ways to functional biochemistry. In order to ensure the future staff of the Department, several people were sent abroad in distinguished universities to study or do their PhD.

Prof. Lenko Kalchev, founder and first Head of the Department (Dean of the Faculty from 1972 to 1974)

Later on the Department of Biochemistry and the Department of Biophysics emerged as independent units from the Department of Animal and Human Physiology. During the development of the Department three research and teaching trends were established:

Physiology of excitable structures, Endocrine Physiology and Cell Bioenergetics.
These trends found place in the laboratories with leaders Assoc. Prof. R. Ivanov, Prof. O. Dimitrov and Prof. I. Minkov, respectively. Many MSc and PhD theses were successfully defended in these laboratories. Several specialized educational courses with lectures and practicals appeared. The lecturers from the Department published 5 handbooks, 3 textbooks for the specialized subjects of the Department and a series of textbooks for secondary schools. Textbooks for almost all subjects of the Department were prepared or submitted.

The Department of Human and Animal Physiology carries out the education of students for all specialties of the Bachelor’s programmes оf Human and Animal Physiology and other physiological subjects, as well as the Master’s subjects of Human and Animal Physiology for the students from the Faculty of Biology and other faculties. During this period of time other Heads of the Department besides Prof. L. Kalchev, were Prof. O. Dimitrov, Prof. I. Minkov and Prof. Hristo Gagov (at present). Nowadays the Department staff includes also Assoc. Prof. Nina Lambadjieva, Assist. Mariela Chichova, Milena Shkodrova, Milena Mishonova, Iliyana Sazdova and Bilyana Ilieva, biologists Dimitar Ganchev, Dilyana Doncheva-Stoimenova and Nely Raikova, technician Ludmila Petricova and one PhD student - Radoslava Grozdanova.

We study signal transduction mechanisms of newly discovered protein hormone and neuromediators using frog heart preparations and rodent arteries; the regulation of artery contraction by endocrine and paracrine factors from the endothelium and perivascular fat tissue in mammals, the influence of silver nanoparticles and aminophosphonic derivates on mitochondrial ATPase activity and the circulation; the regulation and degradation of catecholamines, corticosteroids, sex and other hormones. Since 2000, three PhD students successfully defended their PhD theses. Currently we have a PhD student, third year of education.

Prof. Lenko Kalchev Assoc. Prof. Nina Lambadjieva, PhD, Assist. Ioan Nikolov, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Ekaterina Grancharova, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Simo Todorov, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Radoi Ivanov, PhD and biologists Biserka Simova and Nevena Mouleshkova along with Assoc. Prof. DSc Kiril Ralchev and Assoc. Prof. Neli Harizanova from the Department of Genetics and students

1. Human and Animal Physiology (Prof. Hristo Gagov) for bachelor students in Biology (VII and VIII semester), Biotechnology (VI semester) and Ecology and Environmental Protection (V and VI semester).
2. Human and Animal Physiology (Assoc. Prof. Nina Lambadjieva) for bachelor students in Bio-management and Sustainable Development, Geography and Biology, Biology and Chemistry (VI semester), Biology and English (IV semester) and all part-time students.
3. Human and Animal Physiology (Prof. Ognyan Dimitrov) for bachelor students in Molecular Biology (V and VI semester).

Prof. Ognian Dimitrov and Prof. Ignat MInkov along with graduates, 2005 Biologist Dimitar Ganchev, Assoc. Prof. Ekaterina Grancharova, PhD, Assist. Milena Shkodrova, biologist Petya Naumova, Assist. Veneta Ivanov, PhD, Assist. Milena Mishonova, lab technician Eugenia Tatanova, Prof. DSc Ignat Minkov,Prof. DSc Ognian Dimitrov, Assoc. Prof. Radoi Ivanov, PhD and Assoc. Prof. Nina Lambdjieva, PhD - 2002

Master’s Degree Programme of Human and Animal Physiology.
Our lecturеrs teach in 5 compulsory subjects:
1. Physiology of excitable cells;
2. Cell bioenergetics;
3. Molecular endocrinology;
4. Summer scientific research practicum;
5. Pre-diploma practicum and two elective subjects:
1. Behavioral physiology;
2. Ecological animal physiology.

Practicals in Human and Animal Physiology, 2008 Experimental study in the laboratory “Cell Bioenergetics”, conducted by Master student, 2012

Postgraduate qualification with courses in neurophysiology, behavior, nutrition and metabolism, endocrine glands and hormones etc.