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Head: Prof. Anelya Kenarova, PhD

Phone: (+359 2) 8167 361
E-mail: valentin.bogoev@abv.bg

The Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection was established in 1974. This was the first University department, teaching for nearly three decades Ecology and Environmental protection.

At different periods Heads of the Department were:
Prof. Ivan Bondev (1975 – 1993), Assoc. Prof. Roumen Doichev (1994 – 1999) and since 1999 Assoc. Prof. Valentin Bogoev. For many years lecturers of different subjects were Prof. Ivan Penev, Assoc. Prof. Marin Simeonovsky, Assoc. Prof. Ivan Tsonev, Assoc. Prof. Peter Stoianov and Assist. B. Boyanovsky, as well as biologists Nadejda Furnadjieva, Veska Stanoeva, Fedia Zlatareva, Vassil Vassilev.

Nowadays the Department is responsible for the ecological and environmental protection education of the students of all bachelor’s programmes in the Faculty of Biology and for two MSc programmes –Ecology and Environmental protection.


Prof. Ivan Bondev, Head of the Department from 1975 to 1993

The Department covers almost all main domains of contemporary ecology – phytoecology, zooecology, ecology of microorganisms, ethology, hydroecology and water protection, soil sciences and soil protection, bio-monitoring and protection of biological diversity, molecular ecology.

Scientific laboratories in every one of these directions has been organized and well equipped. Over 5000 bachelors, 600 MSc students and 20 PhD students worked there.

The staff consists of six Associate Professors, four Assistant Professors and two qualified biologists.

MSc theses defense in 1986 Anniversary Scientific Session, 29. 05. 1997 – Assoc. Prof. Roumen Doichev and Assist. Prof. BoyanBoyanovski

The Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection works in collaboration with similar laboratories from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences as well as with other universities in Bulgaria and abroad.

During the last 40 years more than 1000 scientific articles and reports, 10 textbooks, two practical textbooks, 1 monograph and 6 notebooks were published.

The scientific research in the Department is focused on the following domains of modern ecology:
Phytoecology – primary biological productivity, plant protection and protected territories;
Zooecology – vertebrate and invertebrate zoocenology, structure and dynamics of natural populations and the use of some of them for the purposes of the ecological monitoring;
Ecology of microorganisms – fundamental and applied problems of microbial population structure and dynamics in waters and soils and their participation in bioindication and detoxification of different unnatural compounds;
Ethology – structure and behavior of populations in natural and laboratory conditions;
Hydroecology and water protection – protection of water resources and application of monitoring methods to water control;
Soil sciences and soil protection –development of methods for soil protection and waste soil treatment and purification;
Application of the methods of distance control – for the needs of the local and global monitoring.

1. Ecology and Environmental Protection: Assoc. Prof. V.Bogoev, Assoc. Prof. M. Lyubenova, Assoc. Prof.D. Simeonovska for students from all programmes from the BSc at Faculty of Biology.
2. Waste Management - Prof. A. Kenarova for students of BSc programme Ecology and in Environmental protection.
3. Ethology - Assoc. Prof. D. Simeonovska for students of BSc programme Ecology and Environmental Protection.
4. Environmental Monitoring, Assoc. Prof. E. Markova and others for students from the BSc programme Ecology.
Elective subjects:
1. Biological resources and their conservation-Assoc. Prof. M. Lyubenova
2. Biogeography - Assoc. Prof. R. Tsonev,
3. Human Ecology-Assist. K. Dimitrov.

Summer practice in Ecology in the Botanical Garden, Balchik. Summer practice in Ecology in sewage treatment plant in 2013

1. Master programme Ecology. Members of staff participate in the output of its compulsory subjects Population and Behavioral ecology, tructural and Functional biocenology, Phytoecology, Zooecology, Ecology of microorganisms.
2. Master programme Environmental Protection: Protected areas and biodiversity conservation, ecological foundations of pest control, rotection and control of water resources, Ecotoxicology, Radioecology, IT environment and elective subjects: Hydroecology, Natural ecosystems, agro-ecosystems and their conservation, Molecular ecology, Behavior environmental, Chronoecology, Impact on the environment.

Summer practice in Ecology on the Black Sea coast, 2013 Summer practice in Ecology on Vitosha mountain, 2013

Members of the Department Ecology and Environmental Protection conduct lectures in Ecology and Environmental Protection for various forms of postgraduate studies.