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Director of MSc Program Cell Biology and Pathology
Room. 224
Phone: (+359 2) 8167 213
E-mail: topouzova@biofac.uni-sofia.bg


Sofia University “St Kl. Ohridski”, Faculty of Biology, Chair of Cytology Histology & Embryology

8, Dragan Tsankov Blvd., Sofia-1164, R.224

Position Assoc. Professor in Biology (Cell biology)
Main Courses Lecturer in Cell biology; Cytology, histology and embryology; General biology (for BSc); Control mechanisms of cell proliferation (for MSc)
Director of Master Program in Cell Biology and Pathology
Academic experience

1996 – 2000 – Assistant professor at the Chair of Cytology Histology & Embryology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University

2001-2004 – Senior assistant professor at the Chair of Cytology Histology & Embryology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University

2004-2014 - Major assistant professor at the Chair of Cytology Histology & Embryology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University

2014 – onwards – Associate Professor at the Chair of Cytology Histology & Embryology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University

Education & academic awards

2008 - PhD in Cell biology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski,

1993 - Master in Biology with specialization Cell and developmental biology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski,

Skills & competences

Organization and conduction of lectures

Organization and equipment of laboratories for research and training of undergraduates and young researchers.

Supervision of Master and PhD theses

Most relevant scientific papers


Topouzova-Hristova, T. (2008) Influence of halogenated inhalational anesthetics on integrity and reparative abilities of lung cells. PhD Thesis, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


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Scientific projects during last 5 years

1. “Design of Novel Supramolecular Nanoparticles: Spherical Nucleic Acids with Polymeric and Liposomal Cores” DN 19/8, 10.12.2017/ Participant


3. “Novel Polymers, Polymeric Nanoparticles and Nanocapsules for Delivery of Biological Molecules” DFNI-TO2/7/2014/ Participant

4. “New three-dimensional in vivo-like cell culturing system as a model for fibroblast differentiation. Role of Rho family GTPases in the process” DDVU02-9, 2010/ PI

5. "Morphological-functional status and creation of an information system for the in vitro cultivated medicinal plant Lamium album L." Grant No DТК-02-29/2009/ Participant

Educational projects


BG051PO001-3.1.03-0001 / 2013 "Qualification of pedagogical specialists" Activity IV.4 "Teacher training for the formation of knowledge, skills and competences for student assessment"; BG051PO001-3.3.07-0002 / 2013 project "Student Practices"; BG051PO001-3.1.04 / 2013 "Improving the quality of general education"; BG051PO001-3.3.06 -0059/2013 Fundamental and applied training of PhD students, postdoctoral students, post-graduate students and young scientists in interdisciplinary biological fields and innovative biotechnology .;


BG05M20P001-2.002-0001 "Student Practices - Phase 1"