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Head of master’s program: Professor Robert Penchovsky,Dr.rer. nat.
phone.: 359 2 8167 340
е-mаil: robert.penchovsky@boifac.uni-sofia.bg
website: http://penchovsky.atwebpages.com/

Duration: 3 semesters, starts in Winter semester
Form of teaching: full-time, paid

The Master program of Genetics and Genomics is delivered by a variety of teaching methods, which include lectures, short practical courses, computer-based practical’s and seminars or paper discussions, taught by the staff of the Department of Genetics at Sofia University. It is divided into two semesters taught stages, each one providing 30 credits, which are followed by a third semester, centered on a degree project in a laboratory setting. The project is individually supervised and can be carried out not only at the Department of Genetics but at other scientific institutions as well.

This semester also provides 30 credits after a writing and defense of a Master’s thesis dissertation.

The taught stages consist of mandatory core courses with the aim of providing students with a thorough understanding of general concepts in genetics, genomics and Bioinformatics and with basic experimental skills in these fields.

Each semester, students choose one of several elective courses (minimum) which expand their knowledge in related fields of genetics.

The program will provide an important grounding for students to understand and apply genetic, molecular genetic and genomic tools to fundamental research questions in different areas: genetics, molecular genetics, genomics, molecular biology, medicine, biotechnology and agriculture.

The Master of Genetics and Genomics is designed to equip students to meet the growing requirement by academia, industry and clinical practice for scientists, qualified in genetics, molecular genetics and analysis of genomic data.


Admission requirements: Applicants – foreign students (non-Bulgarian citizens) from European Union countries and from Non-member countries – are expected to have a bachelor’s degree with a major in the field of Biology.

They should have a good command of English – written and spoken.

Master’s Program of Genetics and Genomics (taught in English) aims to build deep and lasting knowledge and practical skills in the fields of modern genetics and genomics.

Lectures on genetics of prokaryotes, genomics, bioinformatics and human genetics, combined with workshops and seminars are designed for students with an interest in modern genetic research.

The program will enable students to pursue career in research and teaching, in various industries as well as in academic institutions.

It aims to motivate students to carry further research for obtaining scientific degree "doctor".

Terms of Admission:

Detailed terms of admission for EU- and non-EU citizens can be found here. Applicant are encouraged also to contact Dr. Robert Penchovsky, head of the Program.

The graduated students can pursue their career in various institutes of dealing with fundamental molecular genetic studies as well as in various departments and fields of medicine and agriculture. They can work both at home and abroad.

For the realization of the Master’s Program in Genetics and Genomics, the Department of Genetics places on the M.Sc. students' disposal all its specialized.

The master’s program of Genetics and Genomics lasts three semesters. It has a total of 75 credits / ECTS /. The diploma thesis and pre-gradation practicum provides 15 credits.The curriculum consists of 11 mandatory and 3 elective classes.

Students select elective courses individually.

Last / third / semester is intended for preparation and defense of a thesis.

Graduated students in Genetics and Genomics acquire professional qualifications:

Master in Science in Molecular Biology with specialization of Genetics and Genomics