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А program with an emphasis on quantum and subatomic physics

The programme of Quantum, Nuclear and Particle Physics (QNPP) comprises courses related to studies of matter at the atomic and subatomic level, and to the application of physical methods developed in other areas of physics and engineering. The programme provides the students with specific expertise allowing for immediate employment in the corporate research world or in government laboratories, or for further graduate study. Students obtain a solid physics background and significant experience in computational science, quantum physics, physics of elementary particles and fundamental and applied nuclear physics, dosimetry of ionizing radiation, radioecology, particle accelerators and their applications. The education is entirely in English. The training methods are based on modern information technologies that rely on the well-developed educational infrastructure of the Sofia University. Workload allows students to perform scientific research in one of the research groups at the Department of Atomic Physics and the Department of Theoretical Physics from the beginning of their training.