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The specialists graduated as Bachelor of Science in “Photonics and Laser Physics” will be educated to conduct fundamental and applied research in all basic areas of the photonics. They will be familiar with and will be able to apply the basic theoretical, experimental and computational methods and approaches in the field. They will be able to use specialized software for modeling and engineering, for acquisition and processing of data in the field of photonics. The Bachelors will be educated to use at least one foreign language in working with professional literature. In this way they will be able to further improve their knowledge and skills and to gain higher qualification.


The bachelors in “Photonics and Laser Physics” will be able to successfully apply for positions at universities and high schools, in scientific and company-funded research laboratories, in companies developing and manufacturing photonic products and lasers, in companies offering technological and communication applications of lasers, service and development of photonic medical instrumentation, as well as in scientific research institutions and companies outside Bulgaria. Their broad fundamental knowledge will allow them to work also in related fields such as informatics, applied mathematics, applied optics, applied laser technique, service of photonic devices for the show industry etc. They will be able to get positions in high-tech industry (micro- and nano-electronic industry and in the renewable energy business (photovoltaic). Gaining some additional experience, they will be able to start their own high-tech business.


Continuing their education as MSc- and PhD-students, the successful students will be able to apply for positions of university educators and/or scientists in the field of photonics.