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Dear colleagues,

In regards to the situation with COVID-19 and in order to successfully complete the academic year after the resumption of classes at the Faculty of Medicine, larger halls have been provided for the lectures, a new cleaning and disinfection process has been established and a new schedule of classes has been prepared. The weekly duration of lectures and exercises has been extended, to cover all hours within the period for completion of the academic year.

It is mandatory to wear protective masks on the territory of all university and clinical facilities!

The access to Hospital "Lozenetz" is allowed only through the staff entrance of the hospital. Upon entering the hospital, students are required to wear their aprons and medical clothing:

- First and second year - students must be dressed in aprons all buttoned up. All other personal belongings should be stored in their bags, which are to be left only in places, selected by the lecturers in the classrooms and laboratories.

- After the third year - students dress their medical clothing in the dressing rooms, right upon entering the hospital. It is mandatory to wear shoes that are used only on the territory of the hospital. Only what is necessary for the lectures is allowed to be brought in, the rest of the personal belongings must be left in the lockers. Students need to clean their stethoscopes regularly with disinfectant.

It is forbidden to enter and stay in the patient’ visits area!

The movement along the corridors is allowed with keeping a distance, without groups of people at one place. The access to the halls, located on floors 4 and 5, is via the stairs or with the two small elevators. Access to large elevators, used by patients and supply robots, is prohibited.

It is mandatory to follow all safety instructions at other clinical bases, if there are additional ones!

Access to the Dean's Office is prohibited. All questions or document related requests should be sent by e-mail to:

Department of Еducation – Mrs. Boryana Stoyanova – stoyanovaboryana@gmail.com

Department of Student Affairs – Mrs. Maria Meshalova – mariameshalova@abv.bg (Medicine)

Department of Student Affairs – Mrs. Maria Nacheva – m.nacheva.mf@gmail.com (Medicine in English)

Department of Student Affairs – Mrs. Nonka Mineva – nlmineva@med.uni-sofia.bg (Nurses and Medical Rehabilitation and Ergotherapy)

Post-graduate qualification – Mrs. Elena Dimitrova – sdo-mf-su@abv.bg

Post-graduate qualification – Mrs. Maria Ivanova – sdo-mf-su@abv.bg

The receipt of the documents will be further specified and will be carried out within the statutory deadlines.

We encourage all students to wash their aprons and medical clothing every night at high temperatures.

In addition to the organization for cleaning and disinfection established by the Management of the Faculty of Medicine, we strongly rely on the personal responsibility of all, to protect the health of patients, students and lecturers. We believe that within this short period, with the collective efforts of all of us, we will successfully complete the academic year.

Management of Faculty of Medicine






Waste box for collecting alkaline batteries is located in the Dean House of the Faculty of Medicine, room 3


Dear lecturers and students of the Faculty of Medicine,

In any classroom on the territory of UH "Lozenets" has a stationary computer, projector and sound system with installed software licensed for Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and Internet access. For the purpose of the normal course of study, the use of the techniques and software provided must not alter configuration by unauthorized persons.

Thank you for the understanding!

From the Dean Haose of the Faculty of Medicine


Letter from assoc. prof. dr. Elisa Stefanova, Deputy Rector of Information Activities, Academic Staff and Administration 70-92-71/02.10.2017


Bank account of the Faculty of Medicine at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

IBAN BG90BNBG96613100122401



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