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Prof. Petranka Fileva, Dr. Economics and Mass Media Economics; Media Management
Prof. Lyubomir Stoykov, PhD Culture and Media; Business Communications
Prof. Zdravka Konstantinova, PhD History of Bulgarian Journalism
Assoc. Prof. Lulivera Krasteva, PhD Social Conflicts; Integration Politics and Journalism
Prof. Maria Neykova, PhD International Politics in the Mass Media; The Balkans and Contemporary International Relations
Assoc. Prof. Svetlozar Kirilov, PhD Sociology
Assoc. Prof. Maria Deenitchina, PhD Contemporary Bulgarian Journalism
Assoc. Prof. Maria Popova, PhD Theory of Journalism and Media, Media Theory, Art and Media, Art Journalism
Assoc. Prof. Biser Zlatanov, PhD Media Management, Business Communication
Asst. Prof. Yassen Borislavov, PhD History of Bulgarian Journalism
Asst. Ralitza Kovacheva, PhD World Politics in Media


Assoc. Prof. Georgi Lozanov Theory of Culture; Press Photography
Prof. Vesselina Valkanova, PhD Graphic Design; Media (Press); Book Design
Prof. Totka Monova, PhD Theory and Practice of the Text; Press Genres Integrated Marketing Communication
Prof. Albert Benbasat, PhD Scientific, Academic and Encyclopedic Book
Assoc. Prof. Efrem Efremov, PhD Theory and Practice of the Text (Editing)
Assoc. Prof. Greta Dermendzhieva, PhD Computer Mediated Communication; Desktop Publishing Systems; Media (Press)
Assoc. Prof. Andreana Eftimova, PhD Psycholinguistics
Asst. Prof. Dimitar Naidenov Press Journalism; Practical Class
Asst. Prof. Yuliya Yordanova, PhD Sociology of the book; Electronic books; Children's publishing; Publicity literature on the Internet
Asst. Prof. Ivo Piperkov, PhD Information Technologies, Online PR, Interactive Communication
Asst. Prof. Marin Bodakov, PhD Publicism and artistically criticism; Practical Class


Prof. Snejana Popova, Dr. Radio Communication; Radio Advertising
Assoc. Prof. Orlin Spassov, PhD Inter cultural Communication; Applied Semiotics
Assoc. Prof. Viara Angelova, PhD Media; Radio Studio Practice
Assoc. Prof. Venceslav Dimov, PhD Radio and Musical Heritage
Asst. Prof. Lachezar Tochev Radio Genres (Journalism); Practical Radio Class
Asst. Prof. Svetlana Bojilova TV Communication; Practical TV Class
Asst. Prof. Zhana Popova Media ; Practical Radio Class; Experimental Studio


Prof. Zdravko Raikov, PhD History and Theory of Public Relations; Persuasive Journalism; PR Strategies and Tactics Publishing
Prof. Hristo Kaftandjiev, Dr. Basics of Advertising; Planning of Advertisement Campaign
Prof. Ventseslav Bondikov, PhD Methods of Mass Communication Research; Marketing
Asst. Prof. Diyana Petkova, PhD The Balkans: Comparative Ethnopsychology
Asst. Prof. Stilia-Felisi Paunova, PhD Communication and PR


Prof. Milko Petrov, Dr. International Journalism; Image-making
Prof. Lilia Raycheva-Kolarova, PhD TV Process: Organization and Management; TV Process,: Screen Imagery System; Media (TV); Advertisement in Media
Assoc. Prof. Teodora Petrova, PhD TV Programming; New Media; Practical TV Class
Assoc. Prof. Chavdar Hristov, PhD Communication; Communicative management
Assoc. Prof. Polya Ivanova, PhD History of TV; TV Practice
Assoc. Prof. Milena Tsvetkova, PhD Theory of Reading
Assoc. Prof. Manuela Manliherova, PhD Practical Radio Class; Experimental Studio
Asst. Prof. Maya Vasileva, PhD TV News, Practicum