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Prof. Anton Popov, PhD Geographic Information Systems and Geoinformatics
Prof. Assen Assenov, PhD Physical Geography and Landscape Sci­ences
Prof. Atanas Chatalov, PhD Lithology
Prof. Dian Vangelov, PhD Regional Geology, Sedimentary basins
Prof. Ganeta Minkova, PhD Law
Prof. Irena Kostova, PhD Coal Geology, Organic Petrology, Fossil Fuel Geochemistry
Prof. Kliment Naydenov, PhD Demography, Human Resource Management, Regional Development
Prof. Mariana Assenova, PhD Regional Geography of Tourism
Prof. Marin Rusev, PhD Regional and Political Geography
Prof. Nikolay Bonev, DSc Structural Geology and Stratigraphic Geology
Prof. Nina Nikolova, PhD Climatology
Prof. Polina Pavlishina, PhD Palynology, Historical Geology
Prof. Toni Traikov, PhD Geography of Population and Settle­ments, Regional Analysis of Human Re­sources
Prof. Vasil Marinov, PhD Tourism Policy and Planning
Prof. Vera Nikolova, PhD Tourist Resources, World Tourist Regions and Destinations
Prof. Ianko Gerdjikov, PhD Regional Geology, Structural Geology
Assoc. Prof. Ahinora Baltakova Geomorphology
Assoc. Prof. Bilyana Borisova, PhD Landscape Ecology, Landscape Planning, Ecological Assessment and Expertise
Assoc. Prof. Borislav Grigorov, PhD Biogeography, Soil Geography
Assoc. Prof. Victoria Vangelova Geology and Research for Minerals and Ores
Assoc. Prof. Vyara Idakieva, PhD Paleontology and Stratigraphy
Assoc. Prof. Georgi Burdarov, PhD Demography, Ethno-political conflicts, Geography of population and settlements, Geo-urban studies, Geourbanistics
Assoc. Prof. Daniela Zlatunova, PhD Environmental Management, Water Resources Management
Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Zhelev, PhD Physical Geography, Landscapes
Assoc. Prof. Docho Dochev, PhD Paleontology, Stratigraphy, Tacsonomy
Assoc. Prof. Elka Dogramadzhieva, PhD Territorial studies of tourism, Tourism resources and development of tourist products, Tourism Economics, Marketing in Tourism
Assoc. Prof. Elena Petkova, PhD Hospitality and Restaurant Management, Fundamentals of Management, Tourism Economics, Marketing in Tourism
Assoc. Prof. Zornitsa Cholakova, PhD Physical Geography and Landscape Sciences
Assoc. Prof. Kalina Milkova, PhD Socio-economic Geography of Bulgaria
Assoc. Prof. Kalina Radeva, PhD Hydrology
Assoc. Prof. Kosyo Stoychev, PhD Regional and Political Geography
Assoc. Prof. Maya Vasileva, PhD Teaching Methodology of Geography
Assoc. Prof. Metodi Ivanov, PhD Micro and Macro Economics, Strategic Planning, Labor Economics
Assoc. Prof. Milena Georgieva, PhD Geochemistry and Petrology
Assoc. Prof. Momchil Dulgerov, PhD Petrology
Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Popov, PhD Regional and Political Geography
Assoc. Prof. Nikola Botusharov, PhD Oil Geology
Assoc. Prof. Neven Georgiev, PhD Structural Geology
Assoc. Prof. Plamen Patarchanov, PhD Economic and social geography, Theoretical geography, Regional and local development, Spatial planning, Territorial organization of agribusiness, industry and services, Functional zoning - central, industrial-depressed, peripheral (rural, mountain, border) areas
Assoc. Prof. Radenka Mitova, PhD Geography of Tourism
Assoc. Prof. Steliyan Dimitrov, PhD Geographic Information Systems
Assoc. Prof. Tsveta Stanimirova, PhD Mineralogy and Crystallography
Assist. Prof. Antonina Atanasova, PhD Regional Development
Assist. Prof. Atanas Kazakov, PhD Tourist Agencies; Regional Geography of Tourism
Assist. Prof. Georgi Kotsev, PhD Teaching Methodology of Geography
Assist. Prof. Dimitar Krenchev, PhD Geomorphology
Assist. Prof. Evgeniya Sarafova, PhD Remote sensing and GIS
Assist. Prof. Eleonora Balkanska, PhD Structural Geology, Geotectonics
Assist. Prof. Emil Petrov, PhD Computer Information Systems in Tourism
Assist. Prof. Ivaylo Stamenkov, PhD Regional Geography
Assist. Prof. Ivan Ivanov, PhD Remote sensing and Unmanned Aerial Systems
Assist. Prof. Kaloyan Tsvetkov, PhD Social-economic Geography, Geourbanistics, Regional geography
Assist. Prof. Kristina Petrova-Hristova, PhD  
Assist. Prof. Kristian Lukanov, PhD Regional and Political geography
Assist. Prof. Leonid Todorov, PhD Geographic Information Systems
Assist. Prof. Maria Zagorska, PhD  
Assist. Prof. Miglena Klisarova, PhD Economic Geography, Regional Development
Assist. Prof. Nadezhda Zhechkova, PhD
Assist. Prof. Neli Veselinova, PhD Social-economic Geography
Assist. Prof. Pavlinka Vladimirova, PhD Regional and Political geography, Electoral geography
Assist. Prof. Ralitsa Sabeva, PhD Economic Geology
Assist. Prof. Rumen Petrov Nedkov, PhD Social-economic Geography
Assist. Prof. Stefan Velev, PhD Volcanology
Assist. Prof. Stefan Petrov, PhD  
Assist. Prof. Stefka Dencheva, PhD Mineralogy and Crystallography
Assist. Prof. Tanya Stoilkova-Ilieva, PhD Geochemistry, Chemical analysis of geological materials, Organic chemistry, Catalysis
Assist. Prof. Tsvetan Petrov, PhD Geomorphology
Assist. Prof. Hristo Dokov, PhD Regional and Political geography
Assist. Prof. Zornitsa Dotseva, PhD  
Assist. Prof. Petko Bozhkov, PhD Landscapes, Physical Geography, Geomorphology
Assist. Prof. Hristo Popov, PhD Climatology
Assist. Prof. Simeon Matev, PhD Climatology
Assist. Prof. Siya Cholakova, PhD  
Assist. Vasia Yaneva Geography of Tourism
Assist. Ivo Ihtimanski  
Assist. Kiril Nikolov  
Assist. Martin Iliev GIS, Geospatial Analysis, Remote Sensing
Assist. Mihail Nikolov Geographic Information Systems
Assist. Rumen Minkovsky Tourism Management
Assist. Stanislava Misheva, PhD Teaching Methodology of Geography