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The Program looks at communication from the perspective of the interaction between literature and the media in the globalizing world of computers and the Internet. It aims at introducing the students to the different facets of the study of communication – as a theoretical issue, as a pedagogical and practical tool and as an artistic phenomenon in the highly technologized world of the last century and the cyber world of today. It deepens the knowledge of the English and American Studies BA graduates of the way literature has become part of the world of electronic communication, of the processes of turning of the “high” modernist literary production into the popular bestsellers of post modernity, of the blurring of the boundaries between fact and fiction. It also supplies them with the practical skills necessary for their future career development in our “global village”.

The students who are not English and American Studies BA graduates but come from other literature, language, culture and history study fields and have a good command of English or have successfully completed the re-training program for teachers in English at the Department have an introductory module which helps them get fully immersed into the field of English and American Literary Studies. There is also an intensive English language course these students are required to take since all the courses are taught in English.

The Programme also gives the students an opportunity to choose and master a second foreign language from the languages offered by the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology and to become more media literate, as well as more sensitive to the issues of inter cultural communication. It offers them a chance to take up various internships in media, educational and international organizations. Some of the courses are taught by Fulbright lecturers and instructors.

The Program is a three-semester one and is taught on a part-time basis. Some of the courses are offered as e-courses or as part of Summer School programs. The students finish their studies with the defense of an MA thesis written in English.

The students are accepted on the basis of their BA grades and the interview they sit through. For the students who have not graduated from English and American Studies departments there is a placement test as well.