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New technologies for production of building bricks and blocks without burning

Alexander Lenchev, Ivan Doykov, Bogomil Petrov, Jordan Ninov, Ivan Grancharov, Louisa Dimova, Ivan Donchev, Svetlin Stoyanov

Edited by prof. Alexander Lenchev

ISBN 978-954-9977-67-7


The book describes several new brick and block manufacturing methods without the use of high temperature firing. Recently there is strong public interest in developing such building products, because of simplicity and eco-friendliness of manufacturing process as well as relatively low cost of production.

In the final, fourth part, our own research is presented, concentrated on the development of physical-chemical and technological basis of method and composition for obtaining clay based building bricks and blocks without firing, including semi-pilot scale tests. The focus in the presented results is on the chemical problems in all processes as they are the base for obtaining product with good physical-chemical and physical-mechanical properties.

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