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elected at a general meeting of the Science Research Center on 28.06.2012.




Prof. Roumen Georgiev Pankov, Dr. Habil. — Faculty of Biology




  • Prof. Petar Atanasov Kralchevski — Faculty of Chemistry
  • Prof. Ani Proykova, PhD — Faculty of Physics
  • Prof. Assen Pashov, Dr. Habil. — Faculty of Physics
  • Prof. Zdravko Lalchev, Dr. Habil. — Faculty of Biology
  • Prof. Krassen Stefanov, PhD - Faculty of mathematics and informatica
  • Prof. Stelyan Dimitrov,PhD — Faculty of Geology and Geography
  • Prof. Anna-Maria Totomanova, Dr. Habil. — Faculty of Slavic Studies
  • Atanas Lyubenov Terziev — Scientific research department