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Assoc. Prof. Lilyana Strakova Pedagogy (Theory of upbringing and didactics); Professional values and norms in social work; Sexual and pedagogical problems in the childhood and adolescence; Civil education
Prof. Silviya Nikolaeva, PhD Foundations of non-formal education; Social pedagogy; Social work by project; Classroom management; Management of educational groups and environments; European projects and programs in education; Educational policies and priorities in Europe; Project management in education; Inclusive education
Assoc. Prof. Monika Bogdanova, Dr. Professional orientation and counseling; Social work with foster families; Recruitment; Children with disabilities and their families counseling; Psychoanalytic approach
Assoc. Prof. Ivaylo Tepavicharov Pedagogical Sociology; Dociomology
Assoc. Prof. Verzhiniya Boyanova Social Work Basics; Health promotion and illness prevention in the social work; Social work with people with different kinds of injuries
Assoc. Prof. Silviya Tsvetanska Pedagogical communication; Communicative and Behavioral Strategies; Group social work; Staff Training and Professional Development
Assoc. Prof. Ginka Mehandzhiyska Social Work Methods; Interviewing Techniques in Social Work; Supervision in Social Work; Social Work Methods with Unemployed
Assoc. Prof. Possitsa Simeonova Organization and Management of Social Work; Personnel Management; Human Resources Management
Asst. Prof. Teodorina Milusheva, PhD Theories and basic concepts of social work; Social work methods; Community social work; Social casework; Clinical social work – prevention and rehabilitation
Asst. Prof. Atanas Genchev Organization and management in social work, Professional values and norms in social work, Social security systems, Diagnostics and assessment in social work