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28 nationally and internationally recognized full time professors and associate professors as well as 15 assistant professors represent the current academic staff of the faculty. They started their academic career as graduates in education and related social sciences in Sofia University. Most of them are also PhD graduates or post graduates of leading world universities in Great Britain, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Russia, USA, Mexico, etc. Thanks to their professionalism and personal qualities the professors from our faculty take permanently outstanding positions in scientific councils and academies, accreditation commissions, editing boards of the most prestigious journals.

They are also members of numerous scientific and practice oriented national and international societies, government and non government organizations, commissions, boards and councils. Their expertise makes them preferable partners in realization of projects and running prоgrammes for the development and evaluation of education and social work. They are frequently invited as lecturers, consultants, trainers and experts throughout Bulgaria and the world. The most prominent of them are nationally and internationally awarded for their contribution to education and social work research, policy and practice.

Prof. Yana Merdzhanova, Dr. merdjanova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Albena Chavdarova, Dr. chavdarova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Siyka Chavdarova-Kostova, Dr. s.chavdarovakostova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Vasya Delibaltova, Dr. v.delibaltova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Neli Ivanova, Dr. n.ivanova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Penka Tsoneva, Dr. p.tsoneva@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Silviya Nikolaeva, PhD nikolovazh@uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Rumyana Peycheva-Forsyth, PhD r.peytcheva@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Emiliya Enicharova, PhD enicharova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Boncho Gospodinov, PhD b.gospodinov@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Radka Vasileva, PhD r.vasileva@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Dinko Gospodinov, PhD d.gospodinov@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Monika Bogdanova, Dr. m.bogdanova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Ginka Mehandzhiyska, PhD g.mehandjiiska@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Lilyana Strakova, PhD l.strakova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Ivaylo Tepavicharov, PhD i.tepavicharov@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Verzhiniya Boyanova, MD v.boyanova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Toni Manasieva, PhD manasieva@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Silviya Tsvetanska, PhD s.tsvetanska@uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Bozhidara Kriviradeva, PhD b.kriviradeva@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Vanya Bozhilova, PhD v.bozhilova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Rossitsa Simeonova, PhD r.simeonova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Vladislav Gospodinov, PhD v.gospodinov@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Iliana Petkova, PhD i.petkova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Yonka Parvanova, PhD y.parvanova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Bistra Mizova, PhD b.mizova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Blagovesna Yovkova, PhD b.yovkova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Assoc. Prof. Silviya Varbanova, PhD s.vurbanova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Galina Georgieva, PhD g.georgieva@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Konstantin Teodosiev, PhD k.teodosiev@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Berdzhuhi Yordanova, PhD berdjuhi@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Mariyana Ilieva, PhD m.ilieva@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Teodorina Milusheva, PhD teodorina.milusheva@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Stoyan Saev, PhD s.suev@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Daniela Racheva, PhD d.racheva@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Marya Nikolova, PhD mariya.nikolova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Yordanka Nikolova, PhD yordanka.nikolova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Bilyana Garkova, PhD bgurkova@uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Mariana Koseva, PhD m.koseva@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Atanas Genchev, PhD atanas.genchev@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Daniel Polihronov, PhD d.polihronov@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Mariya Petkova, PhD m.petkova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Aleksandar Hristov, PhD a.hristov@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Simeon Sapundzhiev, PhD s.sapundjiev@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Veronika Racheva veronica.racheva@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Petya Ivanova p.ivanova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Ekaterina Tomova eztomova@uni-sofia.bg
Asst. Prof. Katya Dimitrova