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Purpose, educational goals


The Master's Degree Program is designed for graduates of disciplines other than the Social Work and related to it, who work or wish to work in the field of career education and counselling in the system of General and vocational education, as well as the further raising of the professional qualification.


The main focus of the master's program “Qualifications and the redirection of the workforce” is to prepare specialists in the field of career education, vocational guidance and professional qualification of various target groups at different types of institutions, such as schools, universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and others.


The main objective is the preparation of highly qualified specialists in different areas of career education and vocational qualification through:


  • Getting the basic training in the field of social activities;
  • Receipt of specialized theoretical knowledge in the field of vocational education, the labour market, the forms and methods of vocational qualification and retraining;
  • Formation of skills and attitudes to work with different categories of customers in need of career counselling.




Instruction (knowledge and skills necessary for successful professional activity; basic theoretical and specialized training):


  • knowledge of the specifics of vocational guidance, career education, vocational qualification and retraining of the workforce in the context of the concept of lifelong learning;
  • knowledge about the determinants, trends and regularities about the labour market that affect the process of vocational qualification and retraining;
  • knowledge about the process of adult education with a view to enhancing their professional qualifications and acquire new skills for a successful career’s realization;
  • skills for planning and conducting the consultation process of the vulnerable groups of persons, as a part of the social work to support their professional preparation and implementation;
  • skills for career consulting for various target groups;
  • practical skills for the analysis of training needs and professional qualifications in the context of assisting the process of social work;
  • skills to organise and coordinate the social work in the field of vocational qualification and reassignment of individuals and social groups with special needs;
  • skills for planning, organization and implementation of the adults' education process, aimed at enhancing vocational qualification and development of professional skills and competences;
  • skills for acting as an intermediary for the integration of activities of various factors and institutions;
  • Skills for the development and implementation of projects in the field of vocational qualification and reassignment of personnel;
  • ability to work with documents.



Professional realization


  • career consultant
  • specialist in vocational guidance
  • Labour Broker (consultant) in the Bureau of Labour
  • an expert in creating and implementing of programmes for the vocational qualification and retraining, to meet the needs of the social work with vulnerable groups of persons
  • expert (Manager) on training and staff development
  • a specialist at the Human Resources Department
  • manager and an expert at Centre for Educational Services
  • managers at all levels of the system of continuous education, vocational training and retraining.