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Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” provides general and specialized language training for international students. Language training is organised by the Faculty of Slavic Studies and by the Department of Language Learning.

The training of specializing students should be no shorter than six months and should be organized in groups not exceeding ten students. The general and specialized language training for foreign citizens includes the studying of obligatory subjects divided into two groups with minimum duration in academic hours as follows:
1. for the humanities550 academic hours Bulgarian
2. for all other students:
Bulgarian – 430 academic hours
Specializing subjects – 230 academic hours.

The training courses end in a written and an oral examination in Bulgarian. The examinations are assessed by an examination board. The specialized training ends in examinations in all subjects taught. The examinations are conducted and assessed by an examiners board in all subjects included in the curriculum.

Students who have successfully completed the general and specializing courses are issued standard certificates, officially approved by the Minister of Education and Science, mandatory for the enrollment of foreign citizens as first year students at Sofia University.

The fee for the language training is 3300 €.