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Qualification characteristics



The Nuclear and Particle Physics (NPP) bachelor’s program to be taught in English has been designed primarily for citizens of states which are not EU members and for citizens of countries preparing for membership in the Union. It is open now for Bulgarian and EU citizens as well. The program duration is eight semesters.

The NPP program provides a solid educational foundation in physics with special emphasis on subatomic physics and its applications. Prospective students will obtain a solid physics background and significant experience in the fields of fundamental and applied nuclear physics, particle physics, radiation dosimetry, radioecology, accelerators and their applications, and computational science. The NPP bachelor’s program is especially designed to provide the students with high quality knowledge and skills at a level that allows them not only to continue their education in graduate programs in EU universities and elsewhere, but also to be employed in R&D and analytical departments in the industry, and in scientific and government research laboratories. The training methods are based on modern information technologies. Students are allowed and encouraged to perform scientific research at the departments of the Faculty of Physics from the beginning of their study.

The bachelor’s degree program in Nuclear and Particle Physics is developed to foster theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the fields of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technology. At the end of their studies the NPP bachelors will be able to perform advanced and independent research in all of these areas at the front of the contemporary scientific endeavor.