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  1. Main Focus and Educational Goals


Graduates of the Master’s programme in Public Administration (MPA) are able to obtain, expand and improve further their knowledge and skills in core disciplines, essential for professional qualification in the sphere of public administration – such as law, economics, management, political science and humanities.


  1. Education (Knowledge and Skills Required for Successful Professional Activity; General Theoretical and Vocational Training, etc.).


The education in Public Administration is built in accordance with the requirements of modern European Administration and meets the principles of the contemporary European administrative reform.


  1. Professional Skills


Students who graduate with a Master’s degree in Public Administration have the necessary professional competence in the sphere of management of administrative authorities in various spheres, as well as human resource management from Central, Local and European Institutions’ administrations. Students acquire additional skills for practical application of regulations, information technologies, as well as decision-making process in the areas of public policy, governance and administration in reference with democratic principles of good governance. Graduates also acquire knowledge about interaction of politics and administration, public governance and economy and develop specific leadership skills.


  1. Professional Career


The interdisciplinary knowledge and skills acquired in the Master’s programme, provide wide range of options for career development of graduates. They can occupy job positions as civil servants and officers in all areas and levels of Public Administration, which require a Master’s degree diploma, in accordance with the specific regulations in the field. MPA Graduates are able to develop a professional career as managers in various departments of the State, Local and European Institutions’ administrations, including the highest levels of the public governance.