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Main Focus and Educational Goals


Graduates in Master’s degree in “Policy evaluation and impact assessment” expand and deepen their knowledge and skills in disciplines, essential for work in the field of public administration – legal, economic, managerial, political science and humanities. The main goal of the MA is to develop analytical and research skills for evaluation of policies, programs, projects and elaboration of management decisions.


Education (Knowledge and Skills Required for Successful Professional Activity; General Theoretical and Specialized Training, etc.).


The policy evaluation and impact assessment are basics for the contemporary public management. They are essential tool for increasing effectiveness and efficiency of the public management. The MA program “Policy evaluation and impact assessment” is focussed mainly toward acquiring practical skills. It is focussed on the necessary knowledge and developing skills for elaborating all components for policy evaluation and impact assessment. The MA prepares professionals with in-depth knowledge to perform qualitative assessment of policies, programs, projects, strategic documents, making assessing the impact of legislation and other regulatory and non-regulatory instruments.


Professional Qualifications


Students who acquire a Master’s degree in Policy evaluation and impact assessment will have the necessary professional competence on the management of the administrative authorities in various spheres. Students acquire skills for making an impact assessment as an essential tool for evaluation. Acquire skills for a comprehensive assessment of policies, evaluation of programs and projects for the specifics of the assessment in various policy areas. Furthermore, their vast areas training enable them to acquire skills in policy making and management decisions. Program graduates are prepared to continue their education to acquire the educational and scientific degree “PhD”.


Professional Realization


The variety of the knowledge and skills acquired in the Master’s program allows wide field of realization for graduates. They can work in all areas and levels of Public Administration as Civil Servants, which require a Master’s degree in accordance with the specific regulations in the field. They can find their successful career development as managers in various departments of the State, Local administration and European Institutions administration, including the highest levels of the public management hierarchy. Furthermore, graduates can proceed their professional development in other organizations involved in the assessment of policies and evaluate the impact as – consulting companies, NGOs, research centres, international organizations and others.


Terms of acceptance


The programme is intended for bachelor degree graduates from all professional fields.