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Head Assoc. Prof. Ilia Iliev, PhD
Room 26А
Phone: (+359 2) 9308 356

The Department organizes research expeditions in Bulgaria, in the neighboring Balkan countries and in Europe. Some of the most important recent terrain studies are:

In the country:

In the Middle Rhodope Mountains and Thrace: contemporary state of the folk culture and international relationships;
In the Strandza Mountain: the Holy Places, sacred cults and fire-dancing;
In Macedonia of the Pirin region and in Northern Bulgaria: ethnography of socialism;
in Northern Bulgaria: ethnography of ethnic groups and structures of government;
In Southeastern Bulgaria: folk culture.


In Poland: terrain studies of the Polish village;
On the Balkans - in Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and Albania: ethnic and cultural interactions;
The Crimean Peninsula: the culture of Bulgarians in the Crimean region and fire dancing;
In 1996 the Students' Academic Ethnological Society was established. It organizes and participates in students' conferences on problems covering the whole range of ethnographic research in Bulgaria.

Specializations in the Department:

  • Bulgarian Ethnology
  • European Ethnology


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