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Program Director: Assoc. Prof. Todor Yalamov, PhD

е-mail: yalamov@feb.uni-sofia.bg

Program Administrator: Assoc. Prof. Ivan Angelov, PhD

е-mail: ivanagel@feb.uni-sofia.bg


Кандидатите за прием от летния семестър на учебната 2022/2023 година могат да подадат своите документи през платформата https://feba.kmk.uni-sofia.bg/ между 1 декември 2022 г. и 31 януари 2023 г.

Събеседванията за прием в магистърската програма ще се проведат на 3 февруари 2023 г. от 18:00 часа на следния линк: http://bit.ly/MBA-Sofia




The master program “Business Administration - strategic management” aims to develop key competences needed for strategic development, innovation management and digital transformation. The program builds on the joint program between the School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Sofia University from 1994. The program, which follows a classical MBA structure is supported by the Bulgarian eCommerce Association, guest lecturers from partner universities in Germany and France and business representatives from Bulgaria and abroad. The program educates and trains experts, managers and entrepreneurs in a multinational and multicultural environment. The classes are held in evenings and weekends to allow part- or full-time work. We expect practical working experience from you before joining the program, but our Career Center would be happy to consult you in case if you want a career change.

The background of our students is quite diverse – entrepreneurs, managers, civil servants, and diplomats from four continents. We offer an unique opportunity to our students at the 4-semester version of the program: if you are among the top students in the program you could earn a second Master from the University of Poitiers - Master Economie de l’enterprise et des marches by spending the third semester in Poitiers at no additional cost. The stay is funded through the Erasmus program and the language of instruction is also English.

If you are aspiring or young entrepreneur you could apply for an exchange and mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs from Europe, USA, Singapore and Israel for up to 6 months with support from „Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs“, where the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration serves as an Intermediary Organization.

The program has enrolment in October and February. The two-semester version of the program requires a four-year bachelor’s degree (240 ECTS) in management or economics domains. If you graduated with a bachelor’s degree for three years (with less than 240 ECTS credits) or longer program but in other domains you may choose the four-semester program.


Application procedure

Bulgarian citizens (with Bulgarian or a recognized foreign bachelor’s diploma using this procedure) should apply through https://feba.kmk.uni-sofia.bg/.

All non-EU applicants should first apply for recognition of their diplomas (see here for the procedure) and then apply using this procedure.

Applicants from EU countries should contact yalamov@feb.uni-sofia.bg to facilitate the application process after they have recognized their diplomas.