Начало / Университетът / Факултети / Факултет по науки за образованието и изкуствата / Специалности / Магистърски програми / Факултет по науки за образованието и изкуствата / ОНИВ / Educational Sciences and Intercultural Education (in English)


Length of study: 2 semesters


Form of study: full-time (paid tuition)




Head of MA programme: Prof. Еkaterina Sofronieva, PhD e-mail: e.sofronieva@fppse.uni-sofia.bg




Educational aims


The MA students are provided with in-depth academic psychological and pedagogical expertise in the sphere of intercultural education. In the course of study they acquire skills for positive intercultural communication which are instrumental for the instructional interaction with preschoolers and schoolchildren in an intercultural environment.


Professional realization competences provided by the programme


– Expertise on the specific features of educational content within the curriculum of educational institutions in the context of intercultural competence;


– Practical skills for the implementation of pedagogical technologies in an intercultural educational environment;


– Skills for interaction with children – individual and group communication techniques.


Terms of acceptance


The prospective candidates for this MA programme are expected to meet the following requirements:


1. They must have acquired a certificate / diploma for the level of their command of English which needs to equal the language level of specialized secondary language school graduates at the least;


  1. They must hold a teaching degree from a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme or a post graduate qualification teaching certificate with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) not less than “good” .




The candidates are ranked and accepted on the basis of the cumulative grade point average (GPA) from their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or their post graduate teaching qualification certificate.


Tuition within this MA programme is paid. The candidates sit for no entrance exam/interview.


Professional realization


The students who successfully complete this MA programme will re- ceive a Master’s degree diploma and obtain the professional qualification



of “Master of education: educator in intercultural instruction and teacher in an intercultural educational environment”.


This MA programme combines face-to-face and online activities, provided in e-learning platform, thus ensuring learning independency of time and place. Hence, individualization and differentiation of the learning process is achieved through the implementation of different styles of teaching and learning and the organization of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities.