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Assist. Prof. Iliya Lingorski


  • Economics for Climate Change and Management
  • International Financial Institutions and Development Banks
  • Financial Institutions and Financial Markets
  • Money, Banks and Financial Markets

Selected publications

- Lingorski I., Vidinov B., Kassidova S., and Andronova I., "Expected Effects of Targeted and Coordinated Encouragement of Investments in Connecting and National Transport, Communication and Digital Infrastructure in the Three Seas Initiative Economies on Their Sustainable Post-Pandemic Recovery, and on Acceleration of Their Real and Structural Convergence to the EU15", The Road Three Seas: Proceedings of the “Three Seas Initiative - Unity, Innovation, Connectivity” Conference held in Sofia, Bulgaria on June 8, 2021, Transport Infrastructure and Construction Institute & Bulgarian Forum for Transport Infrastructure, ISBN 978-619-7573-03-9, pp. 147-160

- D. Bassetti, Y. Brechet, G. Heiberg, I. Lingorski, P. Pechambert, L. Salvo, in Euromech Conference on Sandwich Structures, St Etienne 1999, p. 221

- Bassetti D., Brechet Y., Heidberg G., Lingorski I., Pechambert P. and Salvo L., (1998), “Multimaterials selection, composite and sandwich structures: application of fuzzy logic and genetic algorithm.”, Composite Design for Performance, (Ed.: P. Nicholson), Lake Louise 1998, pp. 88-89

- Bassetti D., Brechet Y., Heidberg G., Lingorski I., Jantzen A., Pechambert P. and Salvo L., “Logique floue et algorithmes génétiques appliqués à la sélection de multimatériaux, composites et structures sandwich”, EDP Sciences, Congrés Colloque Les méthodes de choix des matériaux. Quel matériau ? Pour quelle application ?, Villeurbanne, FRA, 1997-11-06, ISSN : 0032-6895 CODEN : MATCBW, Materiaux et techniques Y. 1998, vol. 86, No. 5-6, pp. 31-37

- Bassetti D., Brechet Y., Heidberg G., Lingorski I., Pechambert P., (1998), „Genetic Algorithm and Performance Indices Applied to Optimal Design of Sandwich Structures”, . In: Vautrin, A. (eds) Mechanics of Sandwich Structures. Springer, Dordrecht, pp.387-395 https://doi.org/10.1007/978-94-015-9091-4_46

Scientific fields

  • Economic convergence of Central and Eastern Europe
  • International financial markets, the Eurodollar system and currency internationalization
  • International economic relations, policies and institutions
  • Sustainable economic development and carbon neutral economy
  • Monetary-fiscal interaction and economic growth
  • Monte Carlo simulations for risk analyses
  • Application of AI, genetic and evolutionary algorithms, fuzzy logic and dynamic performance indices to modelling and optimization of financial risk and financial markets behaviors


EMAIL: lingorski@feb.uni-sofia.bg

ADRESS: 1113 Sofia, bul. "Tzarigradsko Shausse" 125, Block 3, Office 221

Office hours

Monday 15:30 – 17:00, after confirmation by e-mail.

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