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  • Lecturer
  • Theory of education
  • Intercultural education
  • Pedagogical and social work in multicultural environment
  • European tendencies in the development of pedagogy and education
  • Family pedagogy

Bachelor Degree

  • Theory of education
  • Work with family
  • Work with out-of-school institutions
  • Altruism and education
  • Pedagogical aspects of the phenomenon refugees
  • Intellectual differences and education Pedagogy

Master degree

  • Theory of education – program “Pedagogy of deviant behavior”
  • Culture and education – management aspects – program “Educational management”
  • Equal access to education - management aspects – program “Educational management”
  • Intercultural education - management aspects – program “Educational management”
  • Social work with refugees – program “Social work in municipality/local structures”
  • Educational intervention in the clinic social work – program “Clinic social work”
  • „Policies and practices for teaching socio-cultural diversity” (2006–2009) – project of Council of Europe, Strasbourg; position – member of the expert group.
  • „For widening toe possibilities of the study-room as out-of-class school form for the optimal integration of children from ethnic minorities (2007–2008) – project to the Center of educational integration of the children and the pupils from ethnic minorities, Ministry of Education and Science; position – academic coordinator.
  • „Models for transformation of school practice needs in the pedagogical preparation of students for work with children from ethnic minorities” (2007–2008) – project to Sofia University research program; position – head of the project.
Research students
  • Albena Todorova: Out-of-school educational activities with children refugees in Bulgaria (2007-2010).
  • Silva Nalbantian-Hacherian: Educational possibilities of the cultural institutions for integration of the ethnic minorities in Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Iordanka Hristozova-Mandradjieva: Formation of the intercultural competence in students from higher professional schools by foreign language teaching.
  • Zornitsa Ganeva: Eucation for overcoming the prejudices and stereotypes to children from different ethnic groups.
  • Vladislav Gospodinov: Rational and emotional in the deviant behavior of juveniles and their re-education
Selected publications
  • Chavdarova-Kostova, S. Intellect and education. S., 2001.
  • Chavdarova-Kostova, S. Intercultural education, S., 2001.
  • Chavdarova-Kostova, S. The challenges of the cultural plurality in education in Bulgaria. - In: Theory, facts and interpretation in educational and social research. Los Angeles – Czestochowa. 2004.
  • Chavdarova-Kostova, S. Assessing the intercultural competence of students that study university courses in the context of intercultural education. - In: Measurement and assessment in educational and social research. Exeter – Calgary – Cracow, 2005.
  • Chavdarova-Kostova, S. Prosocial and tolerant attitudes of Bulgarian pupils to the refugees in Bulgaria. In: The Transition of Educational Concepts in the Face of the European Unification Process. Ed. by A. Kozłowska. Czestochowa. 2005.
  • Chavdarova-Kostova, S. Aspects of the researches of refugee issues in the context of the social work. - In: Researches in the social work: status and application, S., 2005.
  • English, French, Russian